Monday, November 21, 2011

Never too old for Disney!

On Friday I got to be a kid again.  Just for the morning...but still...a kid again.  You see my new little friend Aimee (the oldest Fazal girl) was feeling sick and needed to stay home from school.  Penny (her mom) still needed to take the smallest one to school and go grocery shopping.  So I volunteered to watch Aimee while this all got done.  Greatest idea I have ever had.  Aimee and I watched Disney movies and colored all morning long!  It was amazing!!!  Why do we all not do that every Friday morning?  It put me in the best of moods and I felt no stress nor thought about anything else while I was doing this.  (This might become a new way for me to spend my Fri. mornings!)  Seriously it was a good reminder that some of the things I use to love to do...that I don't do anymore cause I am "a grown up" need to come back into my life. Coloring...wonderful... and Disney well that never grows old!

The rest of the weekend was nice and relaxing as well.  We went to Mark's parents house and just chilled out.  Did a bit of Christmas shopping on Sat. and then got to watch some more Disney with his mom on Sun.  I will say, since I have been cooking lately, it is so nice when someone else does it for you!  We went out for lunch on Sat. and I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  Same nachos we always get at the restaurant but there was no prep or cleaning involved!  Fabulous! The same was true for the Tetchner's cooking over the rest of the weekend...ten times better cause I didn't have anything to do with it.  I am sure a bunch of you can relate to that but man it was nice.

So that is it here.  Starting to get a little bummed that I am not going home for Thanksgiving...mostly for the food but also to see everybody.  Make sure you enjoy every bit of it for me cause you don't know how much you would miss it if you couldn't have it!  Peace.

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  1. Disney movies are still Kathleen's favorites - and she colored with girls in her dorm and house all through college! I'm sure if she had a minute to do that she would now as well!

    Sounds like you are having lots of great adventures and are really settling in! We're praying for your continued peace and happiness and wish you a good week (even if you won't be having turkey).

    The Ellisons