Monday, June 24, 2013

Ready set go....

Well not much is really new here.  We are anxiously awaiting the birth of our little girl.  When I say anxiously I really mean eviction notice has been served by me...she just hasn't seemed to get the memo yet.  I am SO done being pregnant it isn't even funny.  I am HUGE!  And I mean ridiculously huge!  I have had to have a few extra ultrasounds just to make sure everything is ok becasue of how big I have gotten.  I guess I have some extra fluid that they wanted to monitor but each time I go in they are pleased with where I am at with things.  At 35 weeks prego her head was measuring at 37 weeks, her tummy at 39 weeks, and her femar length at 41 weeks.  And weight...6.6 lbs.  So not a little girl really at all.  As of today she is weighing in at 8.10 lbs. and I am 38 weeks prego.  She is head down which is good because previously she had been head up.  But over here they just wait things out.  So as of today...waiting for labor signs.  No plans for induction or c-section...just waiting on her to get a move on.  So say a little prayer for my sanity.

In other news...
I had my last day of work on May 29th!  That was wonderful.  I was ready to be done and can't really imagine working any longer than I did.  A little over a week later we had a big BBQ for Mark's birthday.  It was really nice to have people over to the house.  Way too much...but that is the American way!  I had my first real test at making a big birthday cake and matching cupcakes and that went well.  I am not as good at writing perfectly on the cake like my mom...but I guess she has had a few years more practice than I have.  It all tasted good which I guess really is the main thing so that I class as a success. The day after the BBQ I was shattered.  Kind of forgot that I was prego (not really but like playing hostest so didn't really sit down all day oops!)  Went to see Mark's parents for Father's Day which was good and yeah just putting final touches on baby girls room and getting house all in order.

I am now just sitting and waiting for baby girl to get the hint that it is time to see the world.  I am sure I will post on here when she makes her big debut, and if not on here facebook.  I have a funny feeling that my mom might beat me to doing both once she finds out the big news but I guess it is pretty exciting for them too.  ;)   So that is my life in a nutshell...until two becomes three...peace I'm out.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

So yeah...April was a whirlwind and now May is almost gone too?!?

Well, the last time I wrote I was super excited to be coming home.  And when I say super excited, I mean like super duper, totally over the moon, can't wait to land, excited!  My 2 weeks home were amazing.  A bit of a reality check in that yes indeed we are having a baby and WOW how much stuff can a kid need!?!  In my time home I had 3 baby showers and a surprise get together of friends.  The only way to explain how I feel about all of that is overwhelmed and blessed beyond words.  To live for a year in a half in a different country you wonder if things are the same back home, or if you will fit right back in with things, or even if people will remember you.  Well I need not worry anymore.  Both Mark and I feel overwhelmed at peoples generosity towards us and how loved we feel even though we don't live there.  My baby shower's were amazing!  Beautiful, well done, fun, (a bit exhausting if I am honest...its not easy opening a million and one presents when you are prego) and just a wonderful time of friends gathered together.  Thank you so much to all of you for your kind words, your gifts, and just the love that you have shown to Mark and I.  I can't think of anyone else on earth who feels as loved and truly blessed as we do.

While at home I got to eat all the yummy food I could get my hands on.  Yes there was a list of restaurants we HAD to go to and they all got crossed off the list.  We added a few more when we would drive past one that I had accidentally forgotten about.  Lets just say we helped out the US economy in both the baby and food department in our two weeks home.  While I wasn't sure how we were going to manage to get everything back over the pond...we did...somehow.  Each of us had an extra suitcase on the way home and I managed to get everything 9 months and under, plus toys, books, and baby essentials in.  Suitcases each weighted 50 lbs. and my carry on was probably close to that but we did it.  I left the rest at my mom's because I will be coming back in September and figured I could bring the rest back with me then.

The rest of April just flew by.  We landed back here in the UK on Sun. the 21st and were both back to work on Monday morning.  Not the brightest idea but o live and learn.  Time has literally flown by since then.  The following weekend Mark did a bike race with his buddy Daz (best man in our wedding).  The weekend after that his parents came down to visit us.  This past weekend Daz and Gemma came up so that the boys could do another 100mile bike race.  And this weekend Mark has done his completion test for his balintawak (aka stick fighting) stuff.  Busy times I tell ya!

I meanwhile grow bigger by the day.  And I seriously mean by the day.  I have had 2 appointments with my midwife since we have been home and each time I ask her if lil Pollyanna is big for how far along I am.  She just laughs and says nope...she is average.  I don't know how I can get any bigger but I have been guaranteed that I will.  I think part of it is that I am short so there is no where but out in front of me for her to go.  But seriously...I can't imagine how this bump is gonna get any bigger!  So far all is well...she is positioned a bit awkwardly...and as the midwife says...she has a mind of her own already!  Great!  Wonder who she gets that from?  Not  Hopefully she will move to were she is suppose to be soon...

The upcoming weeks are going to be filled with getting things ready for the big arrival.  I stop work on the 29th of May!  Wohoo!!!  So that should really help move the nursery progress along.  Mark's birthday is coming up on June 8 and we are having a bunch of people over for a BBQ which should be entertaining.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate...although I am not holding my breath.  So yeah.  Lots of good stuff to look forward to.  Only 7 more weeks till our little one arrives...we can't wait and yet have lots to do before she gets here.  We both hope you all are doing well.  Again thank you so much for all of your love and support on our new adventure in becoming parents.  It means so much to us.  Till the next time...adios!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Where did March go?

Wow... so I have had plans to write on here for weeks now...honestly I have.  Every time I pull out my computer I think...well I will do this first and then write a bit on my blog.  Obviously that hasn't happened...which led me to say out loud...April already?!?  Where did March go!?!

So while not a lot has is a break down of March for you.  At the beginning of March we went up to Mark's parents.  Much better trip this time around...I stayed bloody eyes lol. It was nice to visit them and we both had a really good time chilling out.  We have officially decided on a nursery theme...grey and white with pops of pink.  We had originally thought about going with a jungle theme...being that we met at a place called Rum Jungle.  But after learning that we were having a girl and relooking at the jungle theme we had just didn't seem to fit.  I have been spending way too much time on pintrest...and so saw the grey/white/pink idea on there.  With just having the pink accents if the second time around it is a boy then we can just swap the colors out.  We both are really pleased and so the decision is final.

In fact so final that that second weekend in March we painted the bedroom walls a light grey and put together "Pollyanna's" nursery.  Now don't freak out...Pollyanna is not our little girls real name but for some strange reason one day Mark came out with it and so from here on out my ever growing pump has the name Pollyanna.  I think it is hilarious...and so yeah.  Nursery is as done as it can be at the minute.  We have a few things in there but are waiting till we get back from the states to finish it all up.

My birthday was in the middle of the month...can't believe I am 33!  I mean seriously where does the time go!!!  I swear every year it just goes faster and faster but anyways.  Mark took me out to a wonderful "American" style BBQ place called Ribs and Bibs.  It was AMAZING!  Way too much food...which is impressive for this prego lady to say.  What I couldn't eat I am making up for it is my bestest friend. lol  Anyways, it was nice to go out and get dressed up and feel like a semi normal person.  Not the pj wearing blob on the couch that I have sort of kind of turned into. Lets face is just way more comfy to put on your pjs after coming in from work and chilling out then doing much else when you are prego...who is with me?!?

As for being prego...all is going really well.  As a present to her mommy lil Pollyanna let me feel her moving about the for the first time over my birthday weekend.  What a strange alien like feeling...that is totally cool.  Well cool until you try and go to sleep and she is like Hello...remember me this big bump in front of you...Im not sleepy yet!!!!  Yeah...then not so cool but the rest of the day totally awesome.  Mark has even been able to feel her and we are both in wow...this is really happening.  I think now that I am bigger and can feel her reality is sinking in.  Crazy to think that is less than 100 days life will forever change...still a bit crazy but getting excited, nervous, happy, well just about every emotion about this new massive change in our life.

Other than that not much else has happened.  We are both looking forward to coming home to the states!  I can't wait to EAT!  I haven't really had any cravings....Mark seems to think it is because what I want is in the states and I know I can't have it so I just move on.  Well watch out USA cause this prego lady is coming home and all she can think about is what she is going to eat!  I am excited to see my family, friends, people too...but food....well lets just say I have a list of where and what I am dying to eat and it isn't exactly short either lol.  Baby is just hungry...right? lol

Well having written this...the sun has finally made an appearance...maybe the second...ok we will say 3rd time in the last month so I am going to go sit in front of the window and remember what it is like to see it cause I am sure it will be gone in a matter of minutes...oh British weather....yuck!  Well see you soon....America here we come!  Peace out...

Sunday, February 24, 2013

What a month!

So February has been an interesting month.  All started of pretty well...we were going up to Mark's parents for the weekend and I was looking forward to their yummy cooking (aka I am not cooking!) and relaxation.  We had a few bits we needed to go shopping for up there but we put that off until Sunday when it is a bit quieter.  Well bad move there.  You see Sunday I woke up not feeling quite right.  I thought it would go away with a shower and maybe trying to eat some toast but it didn't.  I still felt..."off".  Well, I figured this was nothing I couldn't handle and told Mark we should head out anyways.  I was WAY wrong on that call.  We drove the half hour or so to where we were going to do our shopping when I told I think you need to roll down the window.  He is like what?  I just said I don't feel good...(meanwhile we are going up a windy parking garage to find a spot to park).  Well as soon as we parked I ran to the railing and puked my guts up.  Now you see I haven't been sick and thrown up since I was 20 years thats almost 13 years ago.  Its amazing to me how that oh no feeling never changes...but I just don't EVER get ever!  Well needless to say we didn't get any of our shopping done.  I was weak for the rest of the day but managed to keep little bits of food down and planned on going to work the next day.  Yeah...that didn't happen.

You see the next day I woke up thinking man I am a bit weak still but do my eyes kill!  Got in the shower to get ready and just though man...I must have gotten soap in my eyes or something to make them hurt like my shock and horror when I got out and looked in the mirror the whites of my eyes where no longer white but red.  I seriously looked like I had bloody eyes.  Well that sent me over the edge!  I freaked out!  Called the doctor and went straight in.  He said because I had so violently thrown up I had hemorrhaged most of the blood vessels in my eyes.  Yep not one but BOTH!  He seemed a bit concerned so asked to do some blood work.  Ever so comforting to the pregnant lady...NOT!  He said he has seen it in one eye but to have it like that it both it usually takes an accident or being thrown off a horse.  Well isn't this just great.  He then told me the worst of the news...glasses for this contact wearer till they healed and NO EYE MAKEUP!  Faint....that is what I wanted to do but didn't.  Are you serious I look 12....I don't think I have gone out in public with no makeup let alone with glasses on in like well...since the early 90's!  So for 2 whole weeks that was me.  I looked like a horror chick out of a Halloween movie.  They were could tell people didn't want to look but couldn't help themselves....seriously...the joys of being pregnant!...grrrr   Thankfully all the tests came back a okay.

Well speaking of pregnant all seems now to be going fine.  I had definitely thought I was carrying a little baby boy...but was I ever wrong!  Mark and I are going to be having a girl...which just totally shocked me.  I think it made it real finding out the gender.  To see her in the scan was out of this world cool.  I just thought they would check to make sure she was ok...but they measure everything...see that she has her kidneys, and stomach, and bladder...and that she has the 4 chambers in her heart and measure stuff in her brain and check her lips for cleft pallet and a whole bunch of other stuff.  She is one healthy little girl which made her anxiously waiting to meet her parents very happy.  We are slowly but surely getting our spare room cleaned out so that hopefully soon we can start painting her nursery and getting things ready for the 3rd Tetchner.  It is so crazy and cool how God makes us...I am just fascinated at how he gets us all to grow and then come out and well...He is just one really super duper cool guy!  God is good....even if you have to be pregnant and deal with bloody eyes...tehe....He is good and makes me think how miraculously made we all are.

So yep...that is it from here... I am accepting all kinds of what to buy baby or what isn't worth the money ideas so please just let me know any tips you got.  Hope March comes in a bit smoother than Feb. Until then...adios amigos.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Almost 18 weeks...

So things around here are getting interesting.  Last weekend we decided to tackle what will soon be the babies room.  You see that is our "extra" storage room at the moment.  All the "stuff" that I brought over from the states that still didn't have a home was in that room.  Funny how you think certain things are so important, I must bring them over the ocean to have with me...and then realize wait a minute, I haven't seen what is at the bottom of this box since I packed it over a year and half ago. lol Mark made the mistake of calling me my mother (sorry mom) and I lost it!  While you might not know this about our family you will now.  We are hoarders...there I said it.  My mom will be freaking out at me saying this but it is true.  There is so much junk...yes that is what it really is our basement that well you could have a whole other house/wardrobe out of its contents.  My mom has a VERY hard time getting rid of anything!  Although to give her credit (cause lets face it I do want a spoiled grandchild ;)  she is ssslllloooowwwwlllyyy starting to go through some of that junk in the basement.  Anyways, I have a tub of sweatshirts that I just can't part with.  Some are from sports teams I coached, others are just associated with good memories.  Now I have probably 20 in my closet at present...these in the box are the leftovers.  Well, Mark learned his lesson the hard way, in telling a prego lady she was like her mother in hoarding sweatshirts.  The crazy prego lady...aka me made her first true appearance.  I think we both were shocked at my over reacting...and now can laugh about it ...but to those hubbies out there just a word of warning...don't call your prego wife  her mom when it comes to getting rid of things. ;)

As for the baby...he, or maybe she, but presently still an giving his momma a run for her money.  I am still working at the grocery store and finding being prego and on your feet all day is not a wonderful combination.  Lets rephrase that...its horrible!  I have almost flat feet to begin with but with all of my bodies ligaments loosening in preparation for the the big debut my arches have seemed to have fallen and make me want to chop my feet off.  I have put inserts in my shoes and Mark has rubbed my feet (yes he makes up for his silly comments before here) but seriously I have never been in so much pain.  My midwife has given me a number for some physical therapy to see if that might help...but in the mean time I literally feel every single step.

The lil person also seems to continue to have a sense of humor...or just be stubborn like both of his/her parents.  Today we went in for a check up and to hear the heartbeat.  Well Jr., as my mom calls "it", wanted no part.  So once again I was jumping up and down to see if Jr. would shift so that we could hear the lil thump thump thump of a heart beat.  Sure enough Jr. was hiding behind my bladder, which explains something else, and eventually let us listen into what his/her world was like.  Very cool to hear...a little daunting of what a little stinker he/she is going to be.  I mean seriously both times we want to see into Jr.'s world and he/she has me exercising and doing all kinds of craziness.  Should be interesting to see how the rest of pregnancy goes with this little stinker thinking they can do whatever they want...doesn't Jr. know mommy doesn't work like this.  lol

As for the rest of life all is well.  Mark's parents got us a dishwasher for Christmas which has finally been delivered here.  Never thought an appliance could make me as happy as it has but I am sure thankful for it.  Especially with my feet hurting, it is one less thing to do on my feet.  Putting dishes in takes all of 2 mins...whereas washing them was taking almost a half hour.  One happy wifey here...and who said mother-in-laws and daughter-in-laws didn't get along.  I couldn't be more thrilled with mine if I tried!  Mark is enjoying his new job and all is well.  We are starting to get excited to come home at the beginning of April and hopefully will get a chance to see most of you then.  Hope all is well...and on a side note Happy Birthday to my brother Jeff today!  Peace out...

Monday, January 7, 2013

Oh and by the way...

I'm pregnant!  So maybe you wondered why my posts were few and far between these past couple of months.  It was partly to do with how busy we were...but mostly to do with how tired I was.  Prego tired is a whole different kind of tired than anything I have ever experienced before in my life....including mono tired.  I would seriously come home from work and want to go straight to bed!  While I was never actually sick...somedays I think it might have been better if I was.  Food was not a friend and I found myself reverting back into my little kid eating habits.  Everything had to be plain, cereal was a very good friend followed closely by toast...ya know a real great diet.  lol  Saying that I feel very lucky to escaped so far without too many prego "war" wounds.

Disney was fabulous...a bit tiring and hard on the stomach but a really good time.  Nothing like American food to cure you of your morning sickness...NOT!  I did well I think and ate more than I probably had in the last month in Disney.  Only had one day were I was totally down for the count.  It was fun to tell my parents the big news and watch Jeff's reaction as well.  I got to tell a few close friends in person and that was pretty sweet as well.

So yep...that is our big news!  Baby Tetchner is due July 11, 2013.  Although we will see if that is the real day that it finally decides to make its appearance. I have had my first crazy to see a lil person inside of you!!!  So crazy!  "It" didn't want to cooperate at first so I had to cough and then jump up and down until "it" flipped into a better position for the scan lady.  Still so crazy to me that we grow inside our moms and then come out....God has crazy yet very cool ways of doing things.  In a few minutes we go for my first midwife appointment.  Yes, everything is done my midwives here....doctors are only seen if there is a big problem.  Different ways of doing things but obviously babies over here turn out just fine.

We are more than excited about our lil bun in the oven.  I am now accepting any "I couldn't live without this" prego advice from you recent moms/dads out there.  There is so much stuff for lil kids that I don't even know where to begin.  I mean seriously...I was looking at a catalog and had to put it down because I was like wow...this is so overwhelming!  I guess welcome to being a parent! lol  But for real...any helpful hints on where to buy stuff cheap (in the US or UK), any must haves, or don't bother with that would be greatly appreciated.  Hope this finds you all well and enjoying the new year!

Christmas Letter 2012

Dear Friends and Family,
As you get this letter you might be thinking, wait a minute, Christmas is over.  You missed the boat here, Shara.  And, for being late, I am sorry...not normally my style.  But this year has proven to be an interesting one, jam packed with events all the way to the end.  So forgive me for being late but you will see why soon.

This year started off with some of my Rich Township teacher friends coming to visit England!  It was super fun to celebrate the New Year with my good friends in my new country.  I should have known then what an eventful year it would soon be.  Back in the first few months of 2012 I was learning how to drive.  It proved to be a frustrating adventure but eventually resulted in me getting my U.K. driving license.  While I have been driving a car for nearly 16 years (you know half my life!) I still have to be classed as a annoying to me and my insurance bill.  But we will quickly move on.

In April my parents came to check on me and Mark for THREE weeks.  Yes, you read that correctly 3 weeks!  While at first I was a bit apprehensive about having my rents live with us for that long it proved to be the perfect amount of time.  We were able to show them London, where Mark is from up in Durham, and just our every day “normal” life.  I think the trip put my parents at ease knowing I truly am ok living in England; and, they seemed to throughly enjoy their stay. 

While they were with us in England, my mom had set up a schedule of people to go visit my grandma (who was in an assisted living facility), since she has gone everyday up until that point to visit her.  This, to me, has become known as grandma’s good bye tour.
You see, shortly after my parents got back grandma fell; and, all very rapidly went downhill from there.  Grandma died at the end of May, although I really don’t look at it like that.  To me, grandma went to go sing for her King, a day she wanted more than any other.  I was honored to be able to speak at her memorial service and know that she is rocking out to her hymns and in complete glory!

Although the beginning of coming home was her memorial service, my trip back to Chicago for the first time since leaving was AMAZING!  Five weeks of visiting with friends, eating real food, shopping at Target and Kohls...drinking ice tea was glorious!  Mark kept saying, “you do know you have to come home (aka England) right?!?”  Yes, yes, I know all good things must come to an end...but my time home reassured me that I have some of the best friends a person could ever ask for and even though I am far, far away some things will never change!

Once I got back to England I found a job working not as a teacher, but as a home and leisure assistant in a grocery store.  It is the EASIEST job I have ever had.  I stock shelves, work on a checkout on occasion and have NO responsibility whatsoever!  I love it!  I miss my kids and teaching, and let’s be honest the paycheck was nice, but this no grading papers or dealing with parents is glorious.  Mark is happy because I get out of the house and get to feel like I am contributing a bit more to “us”; and, I love it cause it gives me something to do.  Sad though, that I get more praise for doing a good job stocking shelves than I ever did teaching which my students, (not to brag) thought I did a darn good job at.  But that is a whole different story!

So...I said you would soon see why my Christmas letter is late this year.  Well the topping on this year’s “cake” was that my parents decided to take us for a big family vacation to Disney World.  Yep, the whole Griffin/Tetchner clan spent ten days in Disney World.  While this is suppose to be a place for kids it seems that the Griffins have never truly grown up.  So there we were, all five of us hanging out with Mickey and Minnie.  It has been an awesome experience!  Tons of fun and many memories made.  Mark may think we are a bit more crazy than previously but he seemed to join right in after a few days!

If you have made it this far, you deserve to find out the biggest news yet.... Mark and I are expecting our first child, due around July 11.  We both think it would be hilarious if it was born on July 4 for obvious reasons.  This new lil person has already sent his mama for a loop!  I keep telling Mark I am going to have words with “it” when it pops out.  I hate feeling sick...and the tiredness...well, Shara is just not used to someone else dictating her life.  Mark just laughs.  We are both super excited and know 2013 is going to be a life changing one!

With that I am going to go out to the pool...yes, you read that correctly!  (We are still in Disney for a few more days!)  I hope you and yours have had a wonderful Christmas and an even better New Year!  Remember “Wise men still seek Him.”  Gods blessings and peace to you.  Merry Christmas...even if it is a bit late!

Shara & Mark 
...and little baby bump too!