Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Downstairs Done!

So these are pictures of our house.  We still need to finish the upstairs so those pics will come a bit later.  We also still need to put stuff up on the walls but hey...it is a work in progress...Enjoy.

 This is the dining room looking in from the living room.
 Dining room from the other side of the room.
 The kitchen.
 Different angle of the kitchen...doorway on right goes into dining room.
 Doorway in the center goes to dining room...doorway on right goes to entrance hallway.
 Looking into the backyard from the kitchen window...aka my view while washing dishes!
 Downstairs bathroom.
 From the front door looking in...door on left is the bathroom...doorway ahead leads into kitchen.
 Living room from hall entrance way.
Just moved the camera for this shot...you can see where the living room leads to the dining room on the left
 Standing in front of front window in the living room...door straight ahead leads to hallway entrance.
Looking through the kitchen door into the entrance/hallway.  Door on left goes into living room.  That is our front door which is really on the side of the house.

Hope that gives you kind of an idea of what we are working with.  Yes we have radiators...yuck!  I like my central heating but it works.  Off I go to work on the upstairs....

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  1. Cute! Your house looks 10x more "finished" than ours that we've lived in for 7 years...oh well! :)