Thursday, November 17, 2011

Am I really back at a Staff Meeting....

SO..I am not sure what they actually call them here but it was a town meeting.  I went cause I was interested in what this community is really like and wanted to know any details I could get my hands on.  It  consisted of a higher up from the RAF, the housing guy for the RAF, a different dude, a police woman, and the secretary.  I thought ok...low key...should be in and out in an hour or so.  WRONG!!!  I felt like I was at a Rich Central staff meeting all over again.  (Really any teacher or person who has to sit through pointless meeting after pointless meeting knows what I am talking about!)  Seriously people are just ...well...stupid!

So this poor guy is going through the agenda and minutes from last time and this one particular lady (we all have her in our meetings) goes on this tangent about...what? yeah no one knows.  She FINALLY gets to ask her question and the guy answers her.  She then wastes the next half hour or so asking similar questions to which she gets the same answer.  I wanted to be like look lady...just cause you ask a slightly different question doesn't mean you are gonna get a different answer.  In fact you are gonna get the same answer and if you don't understand English get a translator.  Oh I was soooo annoyed.  I didn't say anything cause I am the new person but next time the real Shara will speak up and be like can we move on please...!!!!  I swear they should have meetings for the people who have common sense and get things the 1st time and then a special meeting for the question asking, think they are more important, or really they are just slower than other people group.  The meeting should have lasted maybe 45 mins tops...but thanks to her nonsense and some other really I mean I think 5 year olds ask better questions people...It lasted almost 1:30 plus.  GRRRRRR....

So in saying all of that...I do feel very blessed to not have to have gone to a pointless staff meeting or any other kind of meeting for that matter in over 5 months now.  While life is strange and different here...meetings are the same.  And so thank you Lord for letting me have a break from the most annoying thing I can think of for the last little bit....meetings!  That truly is a blessing...and something that keeps my blood pressure from boiling over.  ahhhhhh breath.

The house is getting there.  I built the desk yesterday, which means all of the IKEA stuff is officially built! YAHOO!!!  I hope to have the house put together fully by next week so then I will post some pics.  It is off to the in-laws for the weekend here.  Have a good weekend. Peace....Im outta here.

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