Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday...

People look at me like I am crazy for evening mentioning such a what on earth are you talking about?!?  Only in America...I never really took part in the black Friday crazy rush but to not even have the option is a little disappointing.  Today, just like yesterday, are totally normal days here in jolly old England.  This is SO strange to me...the earth stops back in the states for Thanksgiving...more people travel, and are with family on a random Thursday in Nov. than any other time of the year...and here...just the same as a random Th. say in is just well strange.  I know why we have Thanksgiving for a reason but to live some where  where there isn't .... it is just wrong.  I think every country should have a day where they pig out, give thanks for what they have, and then chill with family and friends.

Having said that Thanksgiving was low key here....since it is a normal day Mark worked and like moved on like last week Thursday.  We did have the Fazal's over for dinner which was really nice.  No turkey, I haven't mastered cooking that well quite yet, but it was a yummy filling dinner none the less.  Speaking of cooking, Mark and I made choc. chip cookies on Wed. night.  He had never made cookies before!!!  WHAT!!! How is that possible?!?  When I asked for more details he said cookies like that are an American thing!  OH....that is just nuts!  So we made them together...the teacher voice may have come out a few times in the amount of batter he was eating and how to scoop them out on to the tray.  Actually it was highly amusing to watch a grown man get excited about baking cookies...but the end result was yummy.

The really big news of this week though is my driving lessons!  Yahoo!!!  Oh how I miss have no idea.  So the guy came on Wed. and we did just some basics...driving around the block and such.  I have never driving stick before so the whole using 2 feet to drive as well as stop is just a foreign concept to me.  I did well and didn't stall once on the first day.  Yesterday we went out again and I stalled once but he said I was doing really well for an "American" woman driver.  He got a dirty look from me when he said that...but he said I was really good.  Funny part...he was like if you feel bold enough you can get it up to speed....I took off...I don't think he expected that...cause the look on his face told me most people don't usually go full speed on day 2 of driving lessons. love for speed and to drive have motivated me beyond belief to master the clutch and get back out on the road.  I did roundabouts and everything...ahhh it was a good day!

So that is it.  I do wish I could have been a part of the crazy Olson/Griffin clan Thanksgiving cause that is some serious food!  Looking back to just a year ago it is hard to believe that everything worked out and that I am here married to my Brit.  Time flies...I am so thankful to be done wedding planning...move moving....but most of all for all the support from everyone!  My parents for letting me go and supporting me all the way, my church community for praying for me, my friends for encouraging me, and my hubby for loving me and taking a risk on a rather stubborn, slightly crazy American girl.  I am so very thankful!  Lots of that left over turkey...and let the Christmas decorating begin!!!!

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  1. Hey you - Love the pictures of your downstairs. It must feel SO good to have some parts of your life organized and settled. And way to go on the driving. I had to laugh. I think we made chocolate chip cookies once a week at Dordt! How is that even possible to have never made them?! Glad it was a fun event. :) Happy American Thanksgiving to you. We are in a strange land - not understanding why the world shuts down for not only a day, but really 3-4 days for does the trick in Canada! Definitely no Black Friday shopping for us - but we have reading week, so no real work either.
    Lots of love from this Canadian in the US of A! :)