Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Love hate kind of thing....

With IKEA that is.  You see I swore never again would I get another thing from that flat packing, do it yourself, frustrating and aggravating place...but I love it all at the same time!  AHHHH so this weekend Mark and I went back for round 5 million.  Ok not quite but it sure seemed like it.  We thought Sunday afternoon would be a quieter day...o were we wrong!  A cabinet, some organizers, and a huge desk later we were crammed in the car for the hour ride back home.  And when I say crammed I mean like my knees were up against the dashboard (which we all know how short I am) and my head was at such an angle that I had a sore neck for the next day...but hey...we got our stuff home!  lol....ridiculous!  So guess what I have been up to lately....haha...yes building...and organizing some more.  It really does look like people actually live here now, which is nice.  I have been cooking a bunch which is new but that is all going well.  It is really nice to hear the hubby come home and say things like "I thought you said you couldn't cook...this is good" and "you made a nice meal...(takes leftovers to work) the boys in the office want the recipe".  Make you wanna keep doing it.  We shall see what this week brings.

I am starting to realize as well that I was not made out to be the stay at home kind.  Not that there is anything wrong with it, and when we eventually have kids that might be the option I choose for a while, but permanently...not for me!  Lets just say I need to be a bit more busy and was use to being super crazy busy...so having time on my hands well...just isn't me.  Don't get me wrong it has been nice to have time off and get the house settled and stuff but it is just starting to get to where...well lets be honest I need to get a job and do something! lol  Music to the hubby's ears.  So driving lessons will start soon...that should be entertaining...and then off to find a job for me!

I also realized I really just write about me on this TetchnerTimes blog.  Mark is doing really well...he is off at his balintawak (stick fighting...martial arts thingy I don't know...) tonight while I write this.  He enjoys that a lot and has cut back going from what was 4 times a week to 2 since I would never see him otherwise.               He has proven to be a good choice in a hubby in that he knows me better than I thought (sometimes a bit creepy but mostly just awesome).  It has been great to have each other around all the time and not have the dreaded goodbye at the airport.  Work is work for him...still doing software programming at RAF Waddington.  And yeah...he's good.  So that about raps it up from over here.  Hope you all are doing well over there.  adios for now

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