Monday, October 10, 2011

This is your weekend update with Seth just kidding its only me

So weekend update:
1.  We went looking for curtains Friday night.  Finally decided on ones we could both agree on and got them home.  Now my idea was to put up the living room ones and see how it went.  Mark obviously had a different idea.  The boy who once told me he isn't that "handy" went to town on these things.  We got the living room ones up and before I could stand and admire our work he was half way done with the dining room ones.  Now this is not to complain but seriously it was a bit like...slow down there killer.  At 10:30 he disappeared for a few minutes.  I thought maybe he had gone to get ready for bed and I just didn't hear him...nope....had started in on the bedroom ones.  I got the giggles...seriously...he was curtain crazy!

2.  Saturday we went into town to run errands.  Now normally I wouldn't mind but it was raining...and you have to walk all over town in the rain.  This def. is not America where you would move your car so you don't get wet.  They all just walk around town as if it is normal to get soaked in the rain!  Crazy Brits!  So we ran our errands...most importantly the one to the travel agency where we booked our honeymoon!  eeeeeeeee We are going to BARBADOS!!!  We leave the 26th of this month!  Hopefully my stuff will get here by then so I have clothes to wear...but yeah!  Honeymoon here we come!  I am so excited to just go somewhere and have something to sit on! LOL

3.  Sunday Mark ran another half marathon in Peterborough.  It was a nice day for him to run...overcast but not raining and a bit on the cool side.  While he would have like to do better, he finished in 2 hrs. and 7 mins. which I think is totally crazy, nuts, and amazing all at the same time.  His friend Faz did it as well so the Fazal family came to cheer him on while I cheered on Mark.  Penny (Faz's wife) and I decided we are gonna do one next year and so the training begins tomorrow.  We have a gym appointment scheduled with the near by camp (that's the gym we get to use for almost free) and we are on it.

4.  Today I am waiting again.  Our rent-a-couch never came on Friday so it is "suppose" to come today.  Hopefully it does cause this whole sitting on the floor thing got old about a week ago.  Still no word on my stuff either.  It is in the country going through "checks".  Which better not mean someone going through my stuff and deciding they like it so it is theirs kind of "checks".

So that is about it.  My rents went to MO on vacation with their friends this week which is way over due for them.  I keep getting emails of what a wonderful time they are having....DUH...isn't that why you go on vacation!?!  They need to do it more so if you see them...tell them to go on vacation again but to England this time.  lol No we need to set up house first cause seeing them sit on the floor to eat might just be way to entertaining.

So are some pics of the weekend.  Did I tell you I love my iPhone...cause I do!  Totally amazing!  The half marathon and the new curtains... Enjoy!
 Pre race...

 Mark and Faz...waiting for it to begin and then just as they pass through the start line.
 The adorable Fazal girls!

 Lee and then Mark as they are about 100 yards from the finish line!
 New purple curtains in the bedroom...
 My attempt to be artsy fartsy with the curtain in the bathroom...
 Brown curtains in the living room...when we get a sewing machine I am going to try and hem these...try is the key word there...we shall see...

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  1. Yay for curtains (and a handier-than-he-admitted-to-husband) :) So glad that everything is going great for you over there! Hopefully your rental couch shows up today and your crates arrive soon! Love ya!