Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Apples, weird light bulbs, and more...

I know random...but that is how yesterday went.  Mark txt me from work to say "hey if your bored why don't you go pick up the apples outside since it is nice out still".  I though ok something to do...lets go.  WRONG!  These apples have to have been down for like a month already...picked up the first one and squealed because it smushed to pieces in my hands with juice everywhere!  I now know why he sent me out there to do this...punk!  So I managed to get most of them up...the really icky ones I used a pen I found in the lawn to "skewer" them and then scrap them into the garbage.  So gross...so gross!

 Not one but TWO apple trees!
 When Mark got home we went on yet another quest to get stuff for the house.  This whole set up your house stuff gets old real fast...well that is until my stuff gets here and then I can organize everything to the hill but let me not get ahead of myself.  The light bulbs here...strange...no standard...odd things.  This is a "normal" one that we bought...for real?!?  Oh England how you daily amuse me.

Also found out that my stuff won't be here for another week and a half!!!!  Are you serious!  It cleared customs and is a okay...but the delivery guy doesn't have a truck available to bring it here until next week Wed. or Th. ?!?  For real...you're a delivery service for crying out load....how the heck do you not have a truck to bring me my STUFF!!!! Ok..better..but yeah...so another week of eating out and doing not much.  (Eating out wouldn't be all that bad if it was American food...but English food...well you all know how I feel about that!)

So last but not least today I went for my gym card.  Penny and I have decided to run the Lincoln 10K in May (far off I know...cause I need that much time to get my fat ass back into shape but anyways) So today was day 1.  We got walked around the gym and then did about an hour or so of cardio.  Tomorrow is weights...we shall see how that goes.  If you don't hear from me in a few days you will know why...I over did it at the gym and don't even have enough energy to type. LOL  Well that's it from here. 

OHHH almost forgot...couch finally came yesterday afternoon so I am typing this from my lovely rent-o-couch...you will feel the sarcasm all the way in the states when you see the pic.  Adios x


  1. LOL... thanks for giving us something to laugh about! (Only laughing 'cause I can hear you giggling right through your words. :) Praying for you too... 'cause I'm sure it's still one crazy adjustment! Love you!

  2. Ugh, I HATE apple trees! We have a crabapple tree right outside our bathroom window and while the blossoms are super pretty in the spring, the rotten apples are SICK! Yesterday I was cutting back some of our plants for the winter near said apple tree and Emily was "helping" me... She spots the apples and before I could stop her she had tried to take a bite out of a nasty apple Guess I need to get my gloves on and grab the rake to rake them up and get rid of them... Ummm, that's a very nice couch? :) Better than the floor right?

  3. Love you, girl. You crack me up. Wow. I can't believe you can't get your stuff yet!! A different world for sure. We slept in your room on Thursday and would like to tell you once more that it is SO comfy!! Thanks!! Weird to be there without you, though. Hang in there and embrace the new culture. Happy 10K training. You are CRAZY! :)