Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Christmas Eve...

Well not really but just as exciting for me!  All of my stuff comes tomorrow...which means no living out of a suitcase...or eating off plastic plates!  EEEEEE!!!!  I realized I haven't seen some of that stuff in like 4 months or more cause I started packing long before the wedding...and that was almost 3 months ago...craziness!  So I am just a tid bit excited!

Yesterday was a super duper day!  I got my first care package from my parents.  It was AWESOME!  It had Kraft mac and cheese in it...(how do these people live without it?!?) and cookies and candy!  A girls dream come true in a box lol.  Mark had his first Reese's peanut butter cup?!?  Right...again how do they live!?!  He wasn't sure at first but realized how wonderful it was after bite two.  We made dinner again last night and it was successful...tasted ok too.

Had a really awesome day for a fat kid at the gym.  I ran/walked for half an hour and then ran a full out mile in 12:30.  Now I know that doesn't seem like much to my fit friends but I was stinking proud of myself for running the whole dang mile and doing it without killing myself lol.  We shall see if I can walk tomorrow but ya day at a time.

 Care Packages!!! Yahoo!!!
 Deciding if he likes it or not...and then yummmmmm!!!!
 Our loot!
 Nice healthy dinner after all those treats!  Ok we still have a few in the cabinet but....yummmy!
That is it from here....anxiously awaiting my goods!  One week from today we will be on our honeymoon so good stuff ahead!  eeeeeee stuff!!!!!!!!

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