Monday, October 3, 2011

My 1st Weekend Here

So...the journey began with me having 4 checked bags, a carry on suitcase that weighed just as much as my checked luggage, and a "purse" (more like a huge bag stuffed full with stuff).  Left Chi-town thinking this should feel different cause I don't have a return flight but really, to be honest, it just seemed like I was on another one of my journeys to see Mark.  Plane ride was interesting...had really bad winds and the plane dropped a few times.  When I say drop I mean like on a roller coaster stomach drops...had to grab my pop so that it didn't fall off the little tray, scare the daylights out of me drop.  But obviously it all turned out alright. ;)

Mark was waiting for me at the airport...awe...I looked like your typical "American girl" over packed, wheeling this cart that had so much luggage on it that I couldn't see over it.  Totally ridiculous but hey a girl has GOT to have her "stuff".  We made it back to the house fine.  Got the grand tour...really it is a nice house...not American in anyway shape or form but very nice for here.  In the pics the living room looked lots bigger but the upstairs was actually bigger than I had thought.  Anyways...then began our journey to get more "stuff".

Back home I would go to BBB or Target and be able to find just about everything my little heart could so much.  We seriously went to every store and still couldn't find everything we were looking for.  Unreal!  Bought a very nice couch and love seat, toaster, microwave, vacuum, you know...anything that plugs in.  As if we haven't had enough fun with that we decided to go grocery shopping!  For those of you who know me well...I don't grocery shop. LOL

So that was interesting...didn't recognize anything in the place except my Heinz ketchup.  Never been so excited to see a bottle of ketchup in all my life...and you know I love my ketchup!  Everything is SO small.  I get why people around the world think of us as fat Americans.  I mean seriously everything looked like travel sizes to me.  I couldn't get it over strange...but I guess I will get use to it eventually.  No brands the same...couldn't find even cleaning products that resembled what I am use to.

So that was adventure number one.  The next day, Saturday, we did more shopping, looking around for at least some lawn chairs to buy so that we would have something to sit on in the house.  (OH yea couch will take 6 weeks to get and that is quick...most places were quoting us 12-16 weeks...are you serious?!?) So...couldn't find lawn furniture...bought some more plug in stuff...and decided to go home and cook a pizza.  Simple task one might think.  Well...we have a gas oven.  I don't know how to work it, neither does Mark and the directions book we got with it isn't for our stove.  Go figure.  So we guess on the goes from 1-8 so we think ok maybe that stands for hundreds.  So we set it to 2 and think nothing of it.  Well after the pizza had been in for 20 mins. and it was only suppose to be in 7 and it still is like frozen we think something isn't right here.  It suddenly dawns on Mark that those markings are gas marks...we should have had it set to 6.  Ooops.  Who knew...we do now.  Had an entertaining evening sitting on the floor watching Alladin and Wall-E.  Yes you read that correctly...big Sat. night for us! lol (You know I sang along with every song in Alladin...ahhh....Disney freak...yes I am)

And that was about it.  Sun. was uneventful.  Went and cleaned out Mark's old room and stuff.  And here we are at today!  So... that is it so far.  Still kind of strange in my head that I am here with so much stuff.  Feel like I'm just visiting...we will see when reality sets in.  Hopefully my crates full of stuff will come end of this week or early next.  Till then things will be pretty low key.  That's all for now folks...

                                                         Me in front of our front door.
                                                                  20 Lancaster Drive


  1. Hey girl! I am so glad you got there safely... The notes on your plane ride freaked me out!! Post more pictures!

  2. Love it. And you. And wow. Major adjusting. You can do it! Hold on tight to the they have brand name Cheerios? :)

  3. NO Sara...just whole grain healthy ones. I am crushed! lol