Friday, October 7, 2011

Bob the Builder has got nothing on me!

Not much is new here.  It has been a wonderfully relaxing week.  Wednesday night Mark and I decided to drive to Ikea in Nottingham.  It should have taken us just over an hour to get there but the directions we had were we got lost.  About 30mins. into being lost I thought hey...I have an iPhone now...they have maps on there!  So we got that going and yes indeed we were very lost.  Figured out how to get there but we had blown so much time in the process of getting lost we only had about an hour or so in Ikea to get "stuff".  We managed to do some damage and walked out with 6 dining room chairs, a rug, a dresser, a bathroom shelving thingy, and some odds and ends.  Did I mention I LOVE IKEA!!!

So yesterday I literally spent all day putting together our purchases.  I will attach them here in a minute.  Today I am waiting for our rented couch to come.  We haven't had anything comfy to sit on yet so this is like waiting for the ice cream truck to come on a 90 degree day!  Every time I here something drive past I run to the window.  Pretty funny I won't lie.  This couch is on loan to us since the ones we purchased won't be ready for another 5 weeks!  This loaner one is black and has red flowers...will post a pick once it gets here.  Not exactly my taste but it works until we get ours.  So that is about it here.  Going to look for curtains tonight...really exciting Friday night I know! lol  Mark runs another 1/2 marathon on Sunday so I will be out there cheering him on.  Well that's it for now...
 New dinning room chairs 1 of 6
 Bathroom shelving thingy...
New dresser...and the new rug to cover the ugly pink one.

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  1. Yay griff!!! All the pics look great and am so happy for you and mark!!! I love your blog and constantly check to see your updates. I can just hear your stories as if we were just chatting over some drinks. Now that I finally figured out how to post comments it's just one more way we can keep in touch :) miss you! Dates