Friday, December 2, 2011


So I had another driving lesson today!  Went into town...which is crazy, up hill, and had people walk in front of me!  You have to be nuts or just plain stupid to walk in front of a "learn to drive" car.  HELLO people!  So I did well, everyone lived! lol  I have been getting the house ready for Christmas and for the Tetchner's.  They are coming down to stay with us for the weekend and we are going to go to the Lincoln Christmas market tomorrow.  Kind of excited about both.  I don't know if our house could be any cleaner lol and it will be nice to just have people around for a while.  I can't really say much else is new.  Lots going on next week which should be really good for me.  This house is getting a bit out of things to do.  So that is my little update.  I hope you all have a great weekend...22 days till Christmas Eve...not that I am counting.  tehe


  1. many driving lessons do you have to take before you can get your license? I remember the learning to drive a standard being fairly stressful....actually, I still don't like hills. Glad everyone survived. :) Enjoy the weekend with people! Sounds fun. We are off to see Les Mis tonight! Looking forward to it!!

  2. Of course you're not counting ;) thanks for the bday message. I was just thinking about my bday last year and what you guys did...miss you tons! I love reading ur stories on here too! Glad ur doing well!