Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ah...where to begin...

Lots has happened over the past week....so I am not really sure where to begin.  Lets see...
Our house is pretty much finished.  There still needs to be a few more things up on the walls, but we aren't sure what quite yet...so at the moment we are leaving them bare.  It isn't exactly easy putting things up on brick walls...especially if you decide to later on move it...so we will just live with bare walls for a while.

Thursday evening was Mark's Office Christmas party.  They all get dressed up in suits and the ladies in nice dresses.  It was a really great evening.  I curled my hair for the event...so you know it had to be a big deal cause lets just face it...I NEVER do it.  It takes way too long...but with nothing else to do I figured why not.  It was really nice to be able to meet all the people Mark has talked about over the years and their wives/girlfriends as well.  It was just really fun to pretend to be a "grown-up" since I think that is what grown-ups do. LOL  The end of the night got a bit interesting...some townies tried to disturb our good time...but all ended well.

Sat. and Sun. Mark and I caught up on sleep and just had a really great time chilling out.  Watched the good old "Christmas Vacation".  I swear every time I watch that movie it reminds me more and more of my dad and our family.  You can't help but note the similarities between Clark Griswold and Clark Griffin...right down to the Bears hat he wears...I was cracking up!  My driving is coming along as well...last weeks lesson was reversing into a parking spot.  My instructor was shocked that I got it in the lines on the first try.  Hello?!?  How many times have a parked a car?  As well as my driveway growing up...you had no choice but to backup straight or you hit the stairs to the house.  Too funny.  I get to "try" parallel parking on Thursday.  I was good at it in the states...we shall see how I do in England.

Really not much else is new.  I got a wonderful package for my ladies in California (Becca and Katie).  It was seriously the best present ever!  It was a box filled with everything I miss from home...from an Old Navy shirt, to triscuits and Hamburger Helper.  It was an awesome surprise...but more than what was in the box that made me so happy was that they know me so well.  I mean they seriously got me what I would have bought myself if I had gone to an American grocery store!  When your friends know you that well, and can keep it a secret until it gets there...they are priceless!  You have no idea girls how much it meant to me...you are the best!

With that I am going to post some pics of our house and the night out.  12 more days till Christmas!  On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me.... tehe....Later!
 One side of our bedroom...
 Turned around the other side of our bedroom
 My cute little gorilla from my hubby
 Spare bedroom...part office as well
 Couch that turns into a bed...so we are ready for all our visitors!!!  That means you too!!!
 Looking down the hall from our 2nd spare room...aka my extra closet at the moment...doors on left go to above rooms...the other doors are the right go to the bathrooms...one just has the toilet the other has the rest.
 Mark and I all dressed up.
 Mark with his buddy Zak and Zak's girlfriend Harriet
 Ladies all the ladies...Kirsti, Heather, Harriet, and me
 Mark's work buddies...Mark Barry, Mark, Mark who is called Bob, Rob, and Kevin.
 Later on in the night....
 Us out for a walk on Sunday afternoon
 More of our house decorated for Christmas
Flowers my hubby brought home...he is a keeper.


  1. Thanks! I love reading your updates and stepping into your world. Sounds like things are going okay - or better than okay! Keep enjoying it. I LOVE your creche set. Where is it from?

  2. I had to look up what a creche was lol (nativity set)...it was made by a couple at my church and given to us as a wedding shower gift. I really like it as well. Simple yet perfect. Hope you are doing well Sara.

  3. Cool! We are well - busy as it's the last week and Ken is taken a course on using his Greek and Hebrew with an exam at the end of the week. Ugh. He's reviewing lots!! We pack up to go on Saturday. Very strange that it's over already. We're going to miss our community here. Looking forward to being home though, too, and seeing family and friends. Today, however, it's sweats and sitting on the couch. I like that, too! :) Love ya.