Wednesday, December 7, 2011


So this weekend went by without a hitch.  Mark's parents stayed with us for the weekend and it was wonderful!  I was a bit nervous to have them here for the weekend.  I love them to bits...but I still am not the most confident cook.   They could have stayed for weeks if I wasn't responsible for cooking...but since I was the weekend was a bit stressful.  They liked what I made and well who doesn't like being waited on for a weekend so that went well.  They enjoyed their stay with us and that made me a happy woman!  They liked our house as well which was nice since you always want to make the parents happy, wether they are mine or his.  (you reading this mom...yes even I try to make you happy!)

Anyways...we went to the Lincoln Christmas market with his rents...never again!  So many fact all I saw were couldn't see the stands and what you could see was a bunch of you know what.  Really disappointed but you live and you learn.  I have heard good things about it before so maybe this year was just a bust...but impressed.

Mark gets a day off every year to do Christmas shopping.  Must be nice....why don't they give that to teachers?  We are the ones that could do some serious damage.  Anyways...Mark had Tuesday off for his Christmas shopping so we spent the day together in town.  It was really nice to walk around without so many people there and get what we needed.  I don't think I have ever had so much shopping done this early in the!  We only have really 1 more gift to buy and that is just something little so I am feeling good about being ready this year.  I am also on top of the Christmas cards.  I am 4/5 of the way done with them and should be by the weekend.  Yeah!  That means you might actually get one on time from me this year. LOL  We shall see.

It is amazing to me to look back on the last year of my life!  SO much has changed and yet some of the basics are the same.  Still kind of weird that a year ago I was hoping for a ring...and now I am wearing 2 (engagement/wedding) and sitting in England where I only use to visit for a few days at a time.  Seems totally normal and yet so not all at the same time.  Life goes by so fast...I swear...I can hardly keep up with it all.

Well that is about it....Oh did I mention my hubby is the best.  On our shopping day (yesterday) when we went to lunch he had a little stuffed animal hidden and waiting for me.  I am a big sucker for stuffed animals so this was extra sweet.  It is a little stinking cute.  I don't know if this was a tactic in getting me to buy him what he wanted for Christmas or if he was just being sweet...but it worked.  I won't say what I got him just in case he reads this...but you are a lucky boy....enough said.  Happy shopping everybody!  You only have 18 days to go!

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