Monday, June 24, 2013

Ready set go....

Well not much is really new here.  We are anxiously awaiting the birth of our little girl.  When I say anxiously I really mean eviction notice has been served by me...she just hasn't seemed to get the memo yet.  I am SO done being pregnant it isn't even funny.  I am HUGE!  And I mean ridiculously huge!  I have had to have a few extra ultrasounds just to make sure everything is ok becasue of how big I have gotten.  I guess I have some extra fluid that they wanted to monitor but each time I go in they are pleased with where I am at with things.  At 35 weeks prego her head was measuring at 37 weeks, her tummy at 39 weeks, and her femar length at 41 weeks.  And weight...6.6 lbs.  So not a little girl really at all.  As of today she is weighing in at 8.10 lbs. and I am 38 weeks prego.  She is head down which is good because previously she had been head up.  But over here they just wait things out.  So as of today...waiting for labor signs.  No plans for induction or c-section...just waiting on her to get a move on.  So say a little prayer for my sanity.

In other news...
I had my last day of work on May 29th!  That was wonderful.  I was ready to be done and can't really imagine working any longer than I did.  A little over a week later we had a big BBQ for Mark's birthday.  It was really nice to have people over to the house.  Way too much...but that is the American way!  I had my first real test at making a big birthday cake and matching cupcakes and that went well.  I am not as good at writing perfectly on the cake like my mom...but I guess she has had a few years more practice than I have.  It all tasted good which I guess really is the main thing so that I class as a success. The day after the BBQ I was shattered.  Kind of forgot that I was prego (not really but like playing hostest so didn't really sit down all day oops!)  Went to see Mark's parents for Father's Day which was good and yeah just putting final touches on baby girls room and getting house all in order.

I am now just sitting and waiting for baby girl to get the hint that it is time to see the world.  I am sure I will post on here when she makes her big debut, and if not on here facebook.  I have a funny feeling that my mom might beat me to doing both once she finds out the big news but I guess it is pretty exciting for them too.  ;)   So that is my life in a nutshell...until two becomes three...peace I'm out.

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