Friday, February 1, 2013

Almost 18 weeks...

So things around here are getting interesting.  Last weekend we decided to tackle what will soon be the babies room.  You see that is our "extra" storage room at the moment.  All the "stuff" that I brought over from the states that still didn't have a home was in that room.  Funny how you think certain things are so important, I must bring them over the ocean to have with me...and then realize wait a minute, I haven't seen what is at the bottom of this box since I packed it over a year and half ago. lol Mark made the mistake of calling me my mother (sorry mom) and I lost it!  While you might not know this about our family you will now.  We are hoarders...there I said it.  My mom will be freaking out at me saying this but it is true.  There is so much junk...yes that is what it really is our basement that well you could have a whole other house/wardrobe out of its contents.  My mom has a VERY hard time getting rid of anything!  Although to give her credit (cause lets face it I do want a spoiled grandchild ;)  she is ssslllloooowwwwlllyyy starting to go through some of that junk in the basement.  Anyways, I have a tub of sweatshirts that I just can't part with.  Some are from sports teams I coached, others are just associated with good memories.  Now I have probably 20 in my closet at present...these in the box are the leftovers.  Well, Mark learned his lesson the hard way, in telling a prego lady she was like her mother in hoarding sweatshirts.  The crazy prego lady...aka me made her first true appearance.  I think we both were shocked at my over reacting...and now can laugh about it ...but to those hubbies out there just a word of warning...don't call your prego wife  her mom when it comes to getting rid of things. ;)

As for the baby...he, or maybe she, but presently still an giving his momma a run for her money.  I am still working at the grocery store and finding being prego and on your feet all day is not a wonderful combination.  Lets rephrase that...its horrible!  I have almost flat feet to begin with but with all of my bodies ligaments loosening in preparation for the the big debut my arches have seemed to have fallen and make me want to chop my feet off.  I have put inserts in my shoes and Mark has rubbed my feet (yes he makes up for his silly comments before here) but seriously I have never been in so much pain.  My midwife has given me a number for some physical therapy to see if that might help...but in the mean time I literally feel every single step.

The lil person also seems to continue to have a sense of humor...or just be stubborn like both of his/her parents.  Today we went in for a check up and to hear the heartbeat.  Well Jr., as my mom calls "it", wanted no part.  So once again I was jumping up and down to see if Jr. would shift so that we could hear the lil thump thump thump of a heart beat.  Sure enough Jr. was hiding behind my bladder, which explains something else, and eventually let us listen into what his/her world was like.  Very cool to hear...a little daunting of what a little stinker he/she is going to be.  I mean seriously both times we want to see into Jr.'s world and he/she has me exercising and doing all kinds of craziness.  Should be interesting to see how the rest of pregnancy goes with this little stinker thinking they can do whatever they want...doesn't Jr. know mommy doesn't work like this.  lol

As for the rest of life all is well.  Mark's parents got us a dishwasher for Christmas which has finally been delivered here.  Never thought an appliance could make me as happy as it has but I am sure thankful for it.  Especially with my feet hurting, it is one less thing to do on my feet.  Putting dishes in takes all of 2 mins...whereas washing them was taking almost a half hour.  One happy wifey here...and who said mother-in-laws and daughter-in-laws didn't get along.  I couldn't be more thrilled with mine if I tried!  Mark is enjoying his new job and all is well.  We are starting to get excited to come home at the beginning of April and hopefully will get a chance to see most of you then.  Hope all is well...and on a side note Happy Birthday to my brother Jeff today!  Peace out...

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