Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Where did March go?

Wow... so I have had plans to write on here for weeks now...honestly I have.  Every time I pull out my computer I think...well I will do this first and then write a bit on my blog.  Obviously that hasn't happened...which led me to say out loud...April already?!?  Where did March go!?!

So while not a lot has happened...here is a break down of March for you.  At the beginning of March we went up to Mark's parents.  Much better trip this time around...I stayed healthy...no bloody eyes lol. It was nice to visit them and we both had a really good time chilling out.  We have officially decided on a nursery theme...grey and white with pops of pink.  We had originally thought about going with a jungle theme...being that we met at a place called Rum Jungle.  But after learning that we were having a girl and relooking at the jungle theme we had picked...it just didn't seem to fit.  I have been spending way too much time on pintrest...and so saw the grey/white/pink idea on there.  With just having the pink accents if the second time around it is a boy then we can just swap the colors out.  We both are really pleased and so the decision is final.

In fact so final that that second weekend in March we painted the bedroom walls a light grey and put together "Pollyanna's" nursery.  Now don't freak out...Pollyanna is not our little girls real name but for some strange reason one day Mark came out with it and so from here on out my ever growing pump has the name Pollyanna.  I think it is hilarious...and so yeah.  Nursery is as done as it can be at the minute.  We have a few things in there but are waiting till we get back from the states to finish it all up.

My birthday was in the middle of the month...can't believe I am 33!  I mean seriously where does the time go!!!  I swear every year it just goes faster and faster but anyways.  Mark took me out to a wonderful "American" style BBQ place called Ribs and Bibs.  It was AMAZING!  Way too much food...which is impressive for this prego lady to say.  What I couldn't eat before...man I am making up for it now...food is my bestest friend. lol  Anyways, it was nice to go out and get dressed up and feel like a semi normal person.  Not the pj wearing blob on the couch that I have sort of kind of turned into. Lets face it...it is just way more comfy to put on your pjs after coming in from work and chilling out then doing much else when you are prego...who is with me?!?

As for being prego...all is going really well.  As a present to her mommy lil Pollyanna let me feel her moving about the for the first time over my birthday weekend.  What a strange alien like feeling...that is totally cool.  Well cool until you try and go to sleep and she is like Hello...remember me this big bump in front of you...Im not sleepy yet!!!!  Yeah...then not so cool but the rest of the day totally awesome.  Mark has even been able to feel her and we are both in awe...like wow...this is really happening.  I think now that I am bigger and can feel her reality is sinking in.  Crazy to think that is less than 100 days life will forever change...still a bit crazy but getting excited, nervous, happy, well just about every emotion about this new massive change in our life.

Other than that not much else has happened.  We are both looking forward to coming home to the states!  I can't wait to EAT!  I haven't really had any cravings....Mark seems to think it is because what I want is in the states and I know I can't have it so I just move on.  Well watch out USA cause this prego lady is coming home and all she can think about is what she is going to eat!  I am excited to see my family, friends, people too...but food....well lets just say I have a list of where and what I am dying to eat and it isn't exactly short either lol.  Baby is just hungry...right? lol

Well having written this...the sun has finally made an appearance...maybe the second...ok we will say 3rd time in the last month so I am going to go sit in front of the window and remember what it is like to see it cause I am sure it will be gone in a matter of minutes...oh British weather....yuck!  Well see you soon....America here we come!  Peace out...

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