Monday, January 7, 2013

Oh and by the way...

I'm pregnant!  So maybe you wondered why my posts were few and far between these past couple of months.  It was partly to do with how busy we were...but mostly to do with how tired I was.  Prego tired is a whole different kind of tired than anything I have ever experienced before in my life....including mono tired.  I would seriously come home from work and want to go straight to bed!  While I was never actually sick...somedays I think it might have been better if I was.  Food was not a friend and I found myself reverting back into my little kid eating habits.  Everything had to be plain, cereal was a very good friend followed closely by toast...ya know a real great diet.  lol  Saying that I feel very lucky to escaped so far without too many prego "war" wounds.

Disney was fabulous...a bit tiring and hard on the stomach but a really good time.  Nothing like American food to cure you of your morning sickness...NOT!  I did well I think and ate more than I probably had in the last month in Disney.  Only had one day were I was totally down for the count.  It was fun to tell my parents the big news and watch Jeff's reaction as well.  I got to tell a few close friends in person and that was pretty sweet as well.

So yep...that is our big news!  Baby Tetchner is due July 11, 2013.  Although we will see if that is the real day that it finally decides to make its appearance. I have had my first crazy to see a lil person inside of you!!!  So crazy!  "It" didn't want to cooperate at first so I had to cough and then jump up and down until "it" flipped into a better position for the scan lady.  Still so crazy to me that we grow inside our moms and then come out....God has crazy yet very cool ways of doing things.  In a few minutes we go for my first midwife appointment.  Yes, everything is done my midwives here....doctors are only seen if there is a big problem.  Different ways of doing things but obviously babies over here turn out just fine.

We are more than excited about our lil bun in the oven.  I am now accepting any "I couldn't live without this" prego advice from you recent moms/dads out there.  There is so much stuff for lil kids that I don't even know where to begin.  I mean seriously...I was looking at a catalog and had to put it down because I was like wow...this is so overwhelming!  I guess welcome to being a parent! lol  But for real...any helpful hints on where to buy stuff cheap (in the US or UK), any must haves, or don't bother with that would be greatly appreciated.  Hope this finds you all well and enjoying the new year!

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