Sunday, February 24, 2013

What a month!

So February has been an interesting month.  All started of pretty well...we were going up to Mark's parents for the weekend and I was looking forward to their yummy cooking (aka I am not cooking!) and relaxation.  We had a few bits we needed to go shopping for up there but we put that off until Sunday when it is a bit quieter.  Well bad move there.  You see Sunday I woke up not feeling quite right.  I thought it would go away with a shower and maybe trying to eat some toast but it didn't.  I still felt..."off".  Well, I figured this was nothing I couldn't handle and told Mark we should head out anyways.  I was WAY wrong on that call.  We drove the half hour or so to where we were going to do our shopping when I told I think you need to roll down the window.  He is like what?  I just said I don't feel good...(meanwhile we are going up a windy parking garage to find a spot to park).  Well as soon as we parked I ran to the railing and puked my guts up.  Now you see I haven't been sick and thrown up since I was 20 years thats almost 13 years ago.  Its amazing to me how that oh no feeling never changes...but I just don't EVER get ever!  Well needless to say we didn't get any of our shopping done.  I was weak for the rest of the day but managed to keep little bits of food down and planned on going to work the next day.  Yeah...that didn't happen.

You see the next day I woke up thinking man I am a bit weak still but do my eyes kill!  Got in the shower to get ready and just though man...I must have gotten soap in my eyes or something to make them hurt like my shock and horror when I got out and looked in the mirror the whites of my eyes where no longer white but red.  I seriously looked like I had bloody eyes.  Well that sent me over the edge!  I freaked out!  Called the doctor and went straight in.  He said because I had so violently thrown up I had hemorrhaged most of the blood vessels in my eyes.  Yep not one but BOTH!  He seemed a bit concerned so asked to do some blood work.  Ever so comforting to the pregnant lady...NOT!  He said he has seen it in one eye but to have it like that it both it usually takes an accident or being thrown off a horse.  Well isn't this just great.  He then told me the worst of the news...glasses for this contact wearer till they healed and NO EYE MAKEUP!  Faint....that is what I wanted to do but didn't.  Are you serious I look 12....I don't think I have gone out in public with no makeup let alone with glasses on in like well...since the early 90's!  So for 2 whole weeks that was me.  I looked like a horror chick out of a Halloween movie.  They were could tell people didn't want to look but couldn't help themselves....seriously...the joys of being pregnant!...grrrr   Thankfully all the tests came back a okay.

Well speaking of pregnant all seems now to be going fine.  I had definitely thought I was carrying a little baby boy...but was I ever wrong!  Mark and I are going to be having a girl...which just totally shocked me.  I think it made it real finding out the gender.  To see her in the scan was out of this world cool.  I just thought they would check to make sure she was ok...but they measure everything...see that she has her kidneys, and stomach, and bladder...and that she has the 4 chambers in her heart and measure stuff in her brain and check her lips for cleft pallet and a whole bunch of other stuff.  She is one healthy little girl which made her anxiously waiting to meet her parents very happy.  We are slowly but surely getting our spare room cleaned out so that hopefully soon we can start painting her nursery and getting things ready for the 3rd Tetchner.  It is so crazy and cool how God makes us...I am just fascinated at how he gets us all to grow and then come out and well...He is just one really super duper cool guy!  God is good....even if you have to be pregnant and deal with bloody eyes...tehe....He is good and makes me think how miraculously made we all are.

So yep...that is it from here... I am accepting all kinds of what to buy baby or what isn't worth the money ideas so please just let me know any tips you got.  Hope March comes in a bit smoother than Feb. Until then...adios amigos.

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