Monday, January 30, 2012

6 months today....

Six months ago today I was getting ready for the biggest day of my life.  I was surrounded by all of my friends and family and thinking, "Is this really happening?"  I was a tad bit excited...ok bursting at the seams excited, as some of you witnessed on that very important day.  Well a few things have changed since that awesome day...I live in a different country, I have brown hair, I don't have a job, I have had to learn to drive, I learned how to cook, to name a few.  But the best part is that I get to live with my best friend.  And while people sometimes say the first year is the hardest....I say rubbish!  (tehe my new fav. British word!)  If this is the toughest year than by all means bring it on!  If we can conquer all of the craziness and change that has happened for us both in the last 6 months then anyone can!  So Happy 6 month Anniversary!

To be honest it seems like forever ago that it happened...and that stress of it all...phew...I am glad it is over. But say I have been married for 6 months now is a bit!?!  Anyways...on with the rest of life. lol

So not much has been new this past week.  Doing the same old thing.  Mark and I have been really trying hard to lose some weight and eat healthy and that is starting to pay off.  I fit in my "skinny" jeans for the first time since my wedding and wouldn't stop telling my hubby...over and over and over again...tehe!  Gotta love me!  It is nice to have hard work pay off.  While I won't tell you what size I am down to...lets just say it makes me one super duper happy woman!  I am by no means thin... and still in double digits but when you can wiggle your way in jeans you couldn't fit in at all a month before it is sheer bliss!!!

With our focus being on keeping healthy and fit, and of course trying to save money we bought our new big first purchase as a married couple.  A bike for Mark!  Now I know that might seem like well how on earth are you saving money if you buy something that expensive.  Well, with the price of gas over here it will literally pay itself off with in a month and a half on gas savings alone.  It will also keep the boy slim and trim and to be honest it was on sale and I just couldn't say no to someone so cute.  lol (Don't tell him that!)  It is a nice bike and hopefully it will do all we want it too.

Saying that, it means I get the car.  Not that I can drive it yet...but ya know in theory.  I have a few more driving lessons before I go for the big test.  But I am getting better everyday.  Mark and I have been out for a few drives and he says I get better every time.  The clutch and I still have our moments but I am slowly but surely gaining confidence with it all and where I need to be on the road.  Hopefully that will come quickly because I have started to apply for jobs.  Obviously it is kind of important to know how to drive in order to be able to get to work.  I am not finding much success in getting a "high school history" job.  So I am looking at other school related jobs and even some office manager type work.  Just really something to get me out of the house and earning some cash.  

So that is my little update.  Oh...started training today for the Lincoln 10K that Mark and I are going to do on March 25.  I am hoping to run most of it but we shall see.  So here is to 6 months.  Hope those of you who read this are well and enjoying what I hear is a wonderful winter so far back home.  Lots of love from over the

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