Wednesday, February 1, 2012

This is fricking amazing...

So I tried to make something new last night for dinner.  You never know exactly how it is going to go but you hope for the best.  Mark and I both love kebabs.  Not the ones on a stick but the ones you eat in a pita...kind of like our gyros in the states but with chicken.  I looked up a recipe online and then made a few changes to it not knowing if that was a good thing or if it would taste terrible.  I was nervous when Mark got in....didn't want dinner to taste like crap.  SO....we sit down and I don't tell him that I had changed it a bit.  The first words out of his mouth were and I quote, "this is fricking amazing!"  I was thrilled.  Like I said before we are trying to be healthier so this was a healthy way to eat something that is not normally healthy.  I am did a lil dance in the kitchen after dinner thrilled.  Just thought I would boast a bit here cause I can tehe.  Now I am not a chef nor do I claim that I can cook BUT I have come a loooonnnngggg way since Sept.  Tehe.  Yahoo!!!

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  1. You should post the recipe - healthy and tasty should be shared!