Thursday, January 19, 2012

Second time is the charm!

So...I studied once again all day yesterday for my driving test.  If you recall I got 50/50 on the multiple choice test last time but I only got 43 when I needed 44 to pass the hazard part.  While this may not seem too frustrating to anyone else, it was beyond frustrating to this over achiever.  I made Mark do one of the practice tests and even he was like this is so not accurate and unfair.  So after studying all day yesterday and nearly having a panic attack upon walking in the test center, I PASSED my written and hazard driving test. I guess it was all that much more frustrating to me cause I did so well back in high school with drivers ed.  I was one of the lucky ones who passed everything "car" related at school so that all I had to do to get my license was show up, get my picture taken, and I had my license on my 16th birthday.  While I may have a lead foot and have gotten my fair share of speeding tickets, I never had an issue with driving.  I just couldn't wrap my head around missing a driving test by one tiny point.  But hey like I said...second time is the charm.  I am so thankful to have passed it today...I got 57 points which is way more than the needed 44.  I did however get one wrong on the multiple choice part but hey...only thing left standing in my way of getting a driving license is the road test.  A few more lessons and practice time with that stinking clutch and I should be terrorizing the streets of Lincoln.  tehe

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