Friday, May 25, 2012

What do you say?

Well, it has been an interesting 2 weeks.  On Mother's Day (in the states that is...) grandma fell.  Mom had always told her one more fall and it could be the point of no return.  And that was exactly it.  Gma fell and well her body just couldn't cope.  She hung on for a week and a bit but on Tuesday got to meet the man of her dreams....Jesus.  While it is sad that she isn't here anymore, it is so amazing to know that she is with the Lord singing her little lungs out for Him.  It has made me really thankful to come from such a great line of Christian woman.  You don't really think about that when you are growing up...but how lucky was I.  While at times it was embarrassing to have gma tell random people "Jesus loves you" or hear her pray or give her faith story...what an example!  She was a simple woman but she knew what mattered most...Jesus!  And she wasn't about to let anyone she knew go away not knowing she loved Him and that they should too!  I am so thankful to be able to say she was MY grandma!  I have more to say about her...but that is for my bit at the memorial service.

The rest of life has continued on....We had a great weekend celebrating our friend Gemma's 32nd birthday.  Met some fabulous new friends and really enjoyed our time down at Marham.  (That is the old base Mark use to be on when we first met.)  This week Gemma came up to help me clean out my other words to try and get all of my American size closet fit in my new WAY smaller British closet.  lol  It was nice to have her here when gma did pass...and even got to give my faith story to her which was really special to me.  The window fitters have been here and at the end of today Mark and I will have all new windows and doors.  Very nice!  So that is what is going on here.  Hope all of you are well.  As gma would say....Jesus loves you... and so do I.

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