Thursday, June 7, 2012

Operation America!

WOW!!!  I didn't think this day would ever come!  I have been waiting for it...well...since I stepped off the plane over here.  Don't get me wrong, I think I have adjusted quite well and really do love living in our home...its just that England still isn't home.  I am getting giddy just thinking about what I am going to eat, drink, shop, do in the next month.  I mean like little kid, I could squeal kind of giddy!  As I type this it is 50 degrees and pouring rain...the British version of summer...which makes the sun and 80 degree weather of Chicago sound like a tropical paradise.  eeeeeee!!!!!!!

The past two weeks have flown by.  I have been writing lists of things I want to do, or things I need to get in the states.  I know...go figure.  The weather was nice 2 weekends we were outside for a bit.  I got some gardening done...ya know.  This past weekend was the Queen's Diamond Jubilee so the country had both Mon. and Tues. off work.  God save the Queen!  We went to Mark's parents to celebrate and watched hours on end of the coverage of the big events.  The river pageant was nice...the concert ok...but the speech Charles gave to his mom, the Queen was priceless.  And the fireworks/ show at the end made me proud to live here.  Well not as proud as I will be on the 4th of July...which it reminded me of...but I didn't tell them that ;)

The last 2 days have been spent doing everything under the sun to get ready for Operation America!  Washing clothes, cleaning the house, packing for both of us cause I am by FAR the better packer, cooking meals for Mark so he has something to eat when he gets back, mowing the lawn....and the list goes on.  It has been mental...but totally worth it!  Did I tell you I come HOME TOMORROW!!!!  O my goodness I am so excited!  So with that I hope to see you ALL soon!  Prayers for us as we have grandma's funeral on Sat. morning...

I'm coming home...I'm coming home....tell the world I'm coming home.....
(A lil tribute to of his songs for you people who don't listen to ghetto music...but I am getting back in my Chi-town ghetto spirit! lol)

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