Thursday, May 3, 2012

But I know it in the states!!!

Ahhhh....So I had the most embarrassing, awful, wanted to run away screaming experience this past week.  Let me first say that Tuesday was a big day for me.  You see, I finally had the car to myself.  Mark had rode his pedal bike to work and I was left with the car to go grocery shopping and then out for coffee with a girl friend.  I was super pumped because this meant the return of my freedom.  Not like Mark has had me locked in the to be able to drive by myself and be self sufficient FINALLY is a huge deal to me! begins great.  I go for a good workout, I shower and am ready to go.  List in hand, I take my time, filling the cart to the brink cause it has been almost 2 weeks since we last went grocery shopping.  As I am unloading our goods on to the conveyor belt thingy I think....what is my pin?  You see over here in order to use a debit card you also have to enter your pin number.  So with no pin coming to mind I start to freak out.  I figure it will come to me with the keypad in front of me.  Well it didn't!  I try 3 times to get the number right with no success!  I go bright red, and break out into a full on sweat.  I tell the cashier I can't remember it.  She says do you have anything else to pay with?  I say no.  I don't have a credit card here and all my US ones are back at the house.  Meanwhile all the little old ladies who are behind me in line are giving me evil looks.  The things they must have thought...yeah right she has the money, foreigner  probably stole that card, you're holding up the line...shaking their heads.  So I panic...seriously freak out.  The cashier says, "Do you have anyone here you can call?"  I say, "I have no friends here...and my husband rode his bike to work so he can't even come help me!"  She gives me the pity look.  I say then..."But I know my pin in the states!"  Not much help here I had to leave my groceries behind.  So embarrassing....absolutely mortified!  I found the humor later though.

The best part is I call the bank cause my card was then blocked.  The guy says he has to ask a few security questions.  Sure I say...he asks 1.  How much was deposited into your account yesterday?  I respond, "I don't was my husbands paycheck."  2.  When did you open this account?  I say,
"Well I got here Sept. 30 so a week or 2 after that...but if you are asking when my husband did, since it is a joint account...I don't know...he was a teenager."  3.  How many accounts do you have here?  I say, "Well we have a checking, savings, and a credit card...but do you count the credit card?"  He says, "I need a number miss."  Me, "Ummm....3?"  Him, "I am sorry but you have not answered enough security questions right."  I freak out on the phone....saying things like... but I can tell you when my hubby was born, and our id number and password.  He responds calmly to my rant....just call again miss.

So I call again.  This time the person asks different questions...and so I am getting a new pin sent to my house.  I know there was a 7, a 5, and a 2 in my old of the numbers was used twice...don't know which....and I have not the slightest clue in what order they go in.  O well...that is what happens when you move countries when you are too old to be trying to memorize new things.  We had a good laugh about it when Mark came in.  I had called him numerous times panicked...he said he did all he could not to laugh....good thing he didn't laugh till I was laughing too.  Even though we have the same account our pin numbers are different...go figure.  So that was my entertainment for the day!

On another note...we are in a drought here.  Funny cause it has rained everyday for the last...well since before my parents came.  I also find it funny that the past April was the rainiest April in recorded history here in England.  Yet we still have a watering ban.  Not that any one needs to water...since it comes from the sky everyday but humorous non the less.

So yep.  Off to get the house ready for our weekend house guests, the Tetchner's.  Hope you all are well and can enjoy the humor of my recent story.  Only me...I swear!  Happy May!

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