Wednesday, April 25, 2012

And.....ahhhhh quiet.

The title is just for you mom! has been awhile since my last update.  This is due to the fact that my rents were here for THREE weeks!  Yes, count them...1, 2, 3 weeks!  I was curious how it would go with them being here for that long and if I am totally honest, it was just the right amount of time.  Any less would have seemed rushed and any more we might not be on speaking terms.  It was just about perfect.  I am sure those of you who read this and are in hearing distance of my mother have already gotten a play by play of our activities.  She was busily writing in her journal the whole time, so I am sure she can give a more accurate account of our where a bouts.  But this is here we go... 

The first week we spent away from our house.  Mark and I went down to Heathrow to pick them up and then stayed in London for the first 3 days.  It was usual British weather...rain and all...Dad thought it was charming, Mark and I just thought it was wet!  We went to Harrods...what an experience.  It was like Black Friday shopping on the Mag Mile!  Total madness!  Lets just stay we didn't stay too long!  We then walked to Buckingham Palace and had a nice dinner in TGIFridays.  I true highlight for me!  No lie!  Also had a look in Covent Gardens.  The next day we did Churchill's War Rooms.  SO cool!  I had done it over the summer when I was with a group of school kids and thought...I need to come back here and spend more time.  So we did.  Also did the Big Red Bus Tour of London which lets you see everything without having to walk everywhere.  A major perk when pops really can't walk too far anymore.  Next day did the Tower of London and well that is always just neat to me.  So yeah...London was great.  I love it hubby not so much...but it is a must if you have never been before.  We then came home for one night to re-group and then went to the Tetchner's for a long weekend.  My rents LOVED their time with them.  I mean I think I could have left them there for all 3 weeks and they would have been quite happy.  It is nice that they all get along so well...although a bit scary too.  You never do know what they talk about when you leave the room???  Hmmmm.

Week two was all about seeing Lincoln.  We went to the castle where one of the real Magna Carta's is and the cathedral too.  Although I must say the one at Mark's parents house...or near there in Durham is so much better than the one here.  Did the high street, where all the shops are, and just saw where we live.  We also went to York for the weekend which I think was a highlight for my rents.  Proper old English streets and stuff.  Very cool.  

Week three was house work time.  Mom helped me garden while dad took it easy.  We got 3/4 of the garden/back yard done.  I think we would have gotten more if it wasn't hailing every other minute.  lol Ridiculous weather!  Got pictures put up as well.  Dad was our test subject for our new BBQ and so yeah that was good.  Not that we ate him...but made him cook on it first to make sure we had put it together correctly and had the propane hooked up right.  Oh and I passed my drivers test as well so I can finally drive around.  That was a highlight...not so much for the rents but for me. lol  

Honestly it was just a really good time.  I think it put the rents at ease with me being here.  I really can function all on my own in a "foreign" land.  tehe.  It was nice to serve them instead of the other way around and give them a break from home too.  I don't know if it will always be such service but I think they liked being treated like a king and queen even it was for only a few weeks.  In fact I think my dad will be glad I am not asking him if he wants something to drink every 10 mins. lol  Speaking of drinking...well a different kind.  Mom came out of her shell and actually had a drink on her trip!  That was a highlight for us all!  She discovered cider with a kick!  So funny to hear her say, and I quote, "Bring on the cider!"  LOL  I was rolling with laughter.  She will kill me for writing this but o well...its true!

So that is really it in a nut shell.  It was good to see them and have them here for a while...but it is nice to have my house back to myself too.  I got an email yesterday saying it took them 2 hrs to go through the mail.  LOL  Guess they were gone for quite some time.  So yeah...not much else is new.  I will be home in exactly 7 weeks!!!  Not that I am counting...yeah right.  It wasn't hard saying goodbye to the rents cause I will see them so soon...but what was annoying was that fact that I couldn't get on the plane and fly back home with them.  Here is good...don't get me wrong but man...that American food is sure calling my name!  So USA get ready for me...I am coming soon....Hopefully I will get to see most of you when I am home.  Signing off for now...

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