Monday, March 5, 2012

This is gonna be a long one...

Numero uno...
So last week...actually the week before last, Mark was on a course.  This means I had my first "home alone" experience as a married woman.  He was gone from Mon.-Thurs.  I didn't really know what to expect.  I mean I have lived on my own before so how different could this be?  Was I going to freak out in the house by myself, or was I going to love a bit of me time.  Well, the answer is both!  While I don't like hearing all the bumps and noises that go "boo" in the night, having a whole bed to myself again was a super treat!  Yes, I definitely slept diagonally and enjoyed every minute of it.  I was glad to see him again though Thursday cause I was in need of talking to another human being again! lol

Safety first!....
So on the Tuesday night of Mark being gone Penny and I decided to have girls night.  She put her 2 girls to bed and then the fun began.  We ordered pizzas and watched the Brits.  (They are the British version of the Grammys.)  Because it was late at night, and I would be coming home alone, I decided to drive the car.   I didn't want to walk through a pitch black field at 10:30 by myself, but I don't have my license yet either.  I figured driving was my safest bet and I was right.  I was so glad I got home in one piece that I rushed into the house to text Mark I had gotten in and was safe.  I bolted the door and went to bed.  Well at 2AM I hear a knock on the door!  WHAT!  You have got to be kidding me!?!  I was sure I was going to die right then and there!  I didn't want to be the stupid girl who goes down to see who it is and get murdered, so I laid in my bed as stiff as a board.  I then saw some lights and thought this is it...I am a goner.  Can you hear my heart beating!!!!????  Nothing came of it but I heard every noise the house could possible make from then until about 4 am when I finally fell back asleep.  Well, Wed. morning came and I had a driving lesson.  I couldn't find my keys anywhere!  I knew I had them in order to get in the house but what on earth did I do with them!?!  Genius me had left them in the front door.  Yeah...not to safe!  I know what the knocking was now too...somebody from the military patrol that drives around every night must have seen them and wanted to let us know but I was too afraid to answer the door to actually be safe.  Oh the joys of being Shara.  Mark got back on Thurs. and we had a nice relaxing weekend.

This past week was beautiful here.  Penny and I went into town and did some shopping.  It was nice to get out of the house.  On Friday I ran 4 miles!  I was so excited!  I am still training for the Lincoln 10K that is coming up.  I have never run 4 miles without stopping before and at the pace I was going.  Still not super fast but for me super exciting!  I am glad I got it in as well because Mark and I had a weekend of major eating ahead.  Mark's parents took us to a Bed and Breakfast in Skipton to celebrate his mom's birthday.  It was a really great weekend with the Tetchner's.  We hung out a lot  and ate like Kings and Queens.  Now if you know how I feel about British food, normally this would be so so.  But the food at the B&B was amazing...American!  We saw Skipton's castle and even went on a cave tour with his rents.  It was a really great time.  So thankful I get along so well with the in-laws!

It was a really special weekend as well because it was also the weekend in which I met Mark 5 years ago in Vegas!  It was Friday night, March 2, that my life would change in a million ways.  It is so cool to see how God's plan is bigger and better than your own.  I always had an idea of how I wanted to meet someone, or what that person would be like, and how my life would go.  God had an even better plan, and an incredible love story that I have gotten to see first hand.  5 years ago I had almost given up on finding a guy that I thought was good for me.  I was told I had too high of standards if I ever wanted to get married and so I went to Vegas to say screw boys and I will have fun as a single lady for the rest of my life.  Well low and behold God had a way of saying "not so fast missy" I got plans for you.  Thank you so much Lord for the past 5 years...Mark is more than I ever dreamed of and I am so thrilled at how amazingly you have written my love story.  God are pretty stinking awesome!  God is good!

So with that I will say adios.  I hope you all are well.  I am getting excited to come home for the summer and even more excited for my rents to come in a few weeks.  Peace out!

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