Monday, March 26, 2012

Ahhh spring is in the air!

So lets go back in time for a bit.  As a junior high kid I absolutely hated running.  I was the chubby kid and didn't like sweating in gym class.  In high school I was less chubby and enjoyed sports but still thought running was the most ridiculous thing a person could do.  Fast forward to the past six months and that is all I have done.  lol  How times change.

So this past weekend Mark and I ran a 10K.  That is 6.25 miles for those of you who think in miles like I do.  I have been on a training program since New Years in order to "get ready" for the big event.  To be honest I was actually starting to enjoy running.  It is nice to see progress as a result of your own hard work.  I was a bit nervous since all of my training has been inside on a treadmill...but it paid off.  I had gotten my mile times down from when I started quite a bit.  I was at a 14:30 mile pace and now can run a mile at a comfortable 11:30 pace.  Not too shabby for the self proclaimed fat kid.  The race went really well.  I know my mom had visions of Mark and I running hand in not reality.  Mark started off in a faster coral than me so I never saw him until the finish line.  I was really pumped by the end tho.  To run the whole thing...keep my pace throughout...and finish strong was amazing!  It was wonderful to know that the effort paid off.  I seriously have never run that far, for that long before in all of my life and I was quite excited to get my time of 1:09:18.  While I know a lot of people can run a lot faster than I was sheer bliss to me.  We celebrated with a nice meal out as well.  If you burn 1,000 calories you might as well put them back on with something nice ;)  So that was our weekend.

The past week has gone by quickly.  I have been practicing driving for my upcoming driving test.  Say a little prayer on Th. for me if you think of it.  I have been getting the house in order for my parents to come. And really that is about it.  Mark and I had a wonderful night out in town together for my birthday.  Fajita dinner all dressed up and then into town for a night out.  It was nice to feel like a grown up.  Still can't wrap my head around what that really means...but ya know.

This weekend we also bought a lawn mower.  Now for those of you who don't know the Griffin tradition, lawn mowing is an essential part of the home.  You see you have to get perfect lines in the lawn or dad will make you do it again.  Well, that craziness I guess rubbed off on to me and so now I am the Griffin lawn mowing psycho...except with the Tetchner name.  We couldn't afford the mower of my I settled on the next best thing.  Over here few people have gas mowers...most are electric which means you have to deal with the silly cord all the time.  Whatever...different but ok...anyways... I was like a kid with my new mower.  I say mine because Mark will never have the chance to use the thing.  I love it.  Skip the shoes and purse I got for my birthday...the lawn mower was my real present!  I was like a kid in a candy store with eyes a glow and everything.  As soon as we got it home I was mowing!  I love it...nice pretty lines...oh how I love thee.  It looks wonderful.  I can't wait for it to grow so I can cut it again!  I know...I'm crazy, you can thank my pops for that.  In the mean time I will look out my kitchen window on to my nicely cut lawn.  ahhhhh

And that is all...hope you all are enjoying the 80 degree weather in Chicago...I wish I was there for that!

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