Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Great weekend!

So this past week has been fun!  We didn't do a ton but I actually felt like wow...we are a married couple doing something out and about and wow...this is fun!  lol  We have been doing really good recently about eating healthy and such.  Which in turn means we haven't been eating out AT ALL!  Now this might not sound like a big deal to most but to me it is huge!  Most of my life has consisted of eating out and even once I got to the U.K. at least once a week we would get something...even just a pizza or kebab or whatever.  So we decided that Friday night we would have "date night".  It was awesome!  We went out to dinner!  Yahoo for cooking!  It is one of our favorite places but on the pricey side but it was a nice treat.  They serve better for you kind of food so we both did well with our choices and enjoyed each others company.  We then went and got coffee...being that we were an hour and half early for our movie.  (tehe...guess that means we ate dinner just a wee bit fast lol) Movie was a Mark pick...the 2nd Sherlock Holmes film?  It was ok...Im not a huge movie kind of person...but he really enjoyed it.  Good date night!

Sat. I got up and ran...I know...that is not a normal thing for Shara to do on a Sat. morning!  But it was good.  Bettered my mile time by like a minute...I was thrilled!  Working hard for that 10K come the end of March.  We then did some shopping and it was just a good Sat.  Sat. night was our first snow fall here.  It wasn't a ton...well by my Chicago standards...but for here it was a lot.  We got about 7 or 8 cm so like 2-3 inches.  You would have thought it was 2 feet!  Hilarious.  I of course was out there shoveling as soon as we got up on Sunday.  Gotta get the snow of the drive before you roll the car over it...makes it a mess!  (Yes that is for you pops!!! I did pick that up even though I use to think you were crazy about it!)  So there I one else shoveling... and I mean no one...eventually some of the guys came out when they saw me out there doing it.  Where was Mark you ask?  The deal was I shovel he does breakfast.  Deal for me every time!  When all was said and done our driveway was the cleanest.  Doesn't make much of a difference cause they don't plow the roads here...or anywhere in England.  One big ice rink on the crazy.  No parking lots get plowed nothing!  Oh the money I could make if I could drive a big truck like that!  Anyways...entertaining.  Because of the snow we didn't venture out to church.

The rest of the week...well...was back to normal.  They say it is super cold here...I don't think so but I guess I am use to it.  It was "soooo" cold...brrr...a whole 32 F or 0C.  Bring it night it has gone down to about 20F but again you would think the place was the North Pole.  I walked to the gym and the worker lady looked at me like I had 6 heads...."too cold to be out there."  Oh...if they only knew what Chicago usually gets like in the winter.  It's called a real winter coat, hat, gloves....ya know???
Anyways.  Hope you all are warm and well.  adios!

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