Thursday, February 16, 2012

Just Chillin...

Ahhh lets see.  Life is pretty much the same over here.  Last week Mark's gout started to act up again.  Now I am not one to give much sympathy usually, but I was extra nice to him this time...breakfast in bed...ya know.  Poor guy could hardly walk it was so bad...bless him he did come to the grocery store with me since I still can't drive on my own.  That turned out to be an adventure so we really just stayed in the house most of the weekend.

On Friday I got an awesome package from my parents.  It was filled with all kinds of yummy American food I can't get over here.  They spent way too much on sending it but it felt like Christmas all over again to me!  It was wonderful.  Mark got to try Jell-o chocolate pudding for the first time and I think it was love at first taste lol.  Speaking of taste I tried to make Italian beef for the first time.  I used the crock pot and it came I miss Italian beef.  So for those of you who are in the vicinity of a Portillo's eat one for me and enjoy every minute of it!

What else...Valentine's Day was good.  So great to be on the same continent as your Valentine!  I actually got flowers this year, which is a story in and of itself.  Flowers came half how to you tell your hubby that you love the flowers and the thought but that he should call and complain.  Well it was entertaining and we both got a good laugh out of it.  I really do love them...I just didn't want him to have to pay for dead flowers ya know.  So we are still in the process of dealing with that.  Never a dull moment.  His gout had gone by Tuesday...but we hadn't made plans cause we both just couldn't see the point in going out.  So I made dinner here...spaghetti and garlic bread and we ate by candle light.  It was nice...really nice.

That really is the excitement over here....I have continued with driving lessons and those are going well.  I got to make a super hero with the Fazal girls on Monday which was fun.  In fact I am going swimming, indoors of course, in a bit with them because it is half term break...meaning no school for a week.  I have heard back from a few jobs that I have applied for with no luck.  I really wasn't qualified for them but figured I would still try.  MMM yeah...OH best news ever....I am coming home for a MONTH!!!  Mark will be there with me for the 1st two weeks but then he has to come back to work.  tehe  Then I get to stay for another 2 and half weeks.  I am so excited!  So that is our news.  Hope you all are well...peace out.

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