Thursday, August 30, 2012

Working woman again...

So tomorrow it is back to reality.  It has been a great year off.   Truly...while I have sometimes been so bored I make up things that need to be done, or have gone on crazy cleaning sprees, I have learned to chill out a little bit.  As of tomorrow that will all be over.  I officially go back to work...not as a teacher...but as a Morrison's sales assistant.  In other words I will soon be working in a grocery store.  Funny place when I sit here and type that out considering a year ago I had never really taken notice of one before.  As a single lady living in the burbs I ate most of my meals out or over at my why would I need a grocery store.  This year changed all of that.  I actually know where things are in our grocery store, can cook, and actually ...yes...I admit it...clip coupons to use at the grocery store.  I am not saying I will never go back to teaching, and I am not saying I will stay at Morrison's forever, but I wanted to try something new and not work the crazy hours that a school teacher does when I am still adjusting to life here and while Mark and I are still foot lose and fancy free.  With school you have set vacation times and just the number of hours I wasn't will to commit to again.  So now I have a job that I can leave when the day is over...take vacation when I want to...and best of all get a discount on my groceries for.  So that is it.  Tomorrow I start and we shall see how it goes.  I am not sure what to expect nor if I will be able to handle how different it is from being in a classroom full of kids...but I will try and if worse comes to worse... the best part can always quit mid way through unlike teaching.  So here is to tomorrow...earning money...and a discount on my groceries which makes me smile.

Tell next week...

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  1. The not taking your work home sounds delightful! Hope it goes well! They'll be lucky to have you. Welcome to transition phase 2. :)