Thursday, August 23, 2012

All quiet on the English front...

I have been telling myself for the last 2 weeks that I need to write on my blog....but honestly not that much has happened...and yet every time I think, "oh I'll write something now" I get side tracked and well you know the result.  So really not that much is going on.  I had 2 interviews a few weeks ago.  The first one went well.  I got offered the job...but lets just say I decided it probably wasn't worth it.  It was a minimum of 6 hrs. a week with up to 15 and I think I might have driven myself mad with the way things seemed to run.  My interview was entertaining to fact I probably could have interviewed myself better than they did.  They were quite young, which isn't a big deal to me...but when then ask questions like, "Do you think you can handle being busy?" and then follow it up after my long answer about teaching, coaching, and overall being a busy freak with, "Do you think you can multi task?" you have to ask yourself is this really where I want to be working?  My second interview went really well and I am hoping for full time employment.  I haven't officially got the job...but I have an offer pending my background check.  Well, we all know that while I pretend to be tough, my background is as squeaky clean as kitchen floor. lol

Yes, I have a bit of time on my hands in waiting for job two... so with Mark being on nights this week I have had to find things to do to keep me entertained.  One of them was washing all of our floors on my hands and knees to make sure they got it...squeaky clean.  I am a bit obsessed with cleaning my just looks so nice when it is all fresh and clean.  I have a friend that comes over sometimes and keeps saying, "just wait till you have will all change."  I don't know if she is trying to scare me off from the lil ones or what but I dread not having everything in its looks so nice.  lol
I know...see this is what happens when you live on your own for too long...get married late in life...get stuck in your habits...and then people say, lets just have some fun and through kids into the mix and toss everything planned, organized, carefree, and sharp edged out the window for a pooping, feeding, crying machine...and then wonder when I look at them like... Really?  Really?  You want me to give this all up?  Now mom don't have a cow....I am not saying we won't have kids nor that I don't want them...I just am saying I am enjoying married, kid free life and thinking do we really want to rush changing this? dad for that matter...keep calm....and as the queens says...carry on.

Speaking of kids and carrying on....we have these peacocks in our backyard or back garden as they say here.  The lil one has grown so much since he first made his/her appearance on the scene.  Kido is about the size of a duck now...growing fast.  They are in our back yard just about everyday...while I love to watch them from behind my safe window viewing...they do my head in when it is time to go hang the laundry up outside....they come WAY to close!  Way to close!  The fact that mommas wing span is about the size of me standing up doesn't sit very well with the anti bird Shara.

Other than that...not much is new...hope all is well for those of you who read my ramblings... till later

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  1. Definitely read them...and good to hear from you again. Congrats on the potential good job...the other one sounded like you'd be running the place in short order. Well done on keeping things in order. I managed that in MI when I had nothing else to do. Once we got home and working life started again - not so much. Love from Winnipeg. me