Friday, August 3, 2012

Wake up call...

So yesterday morning I had quite the surprise when I woke up.  There was a nice big "friendly" spider looking at me from my bed post.  Now this was all of about 6 inches away from my face so I had to blink a few times for me to be sure that A.  I wasn't still sleeping/dreaming.  B. Holy cow what do I do now there is a spider this close to me!  Lets just say I panicked.  Instant sweating and adrenaline running through me body!  I got of bed on the other side...the right side obviously that day...and went to get something to kill my lil "friend".  Now I will admit I do always feel bad about killing things but this one I couldn't let live that close to my bed...nor carry outside cause it was too big!  So when I got back to smash the thing I missed in my panicked state and he dropped to the floor.  Screaming begins...I freaked out.  I really don't like spiders and now he was ANYWHERE on my floor...but maybe on me bed...maybe on me...AHHHHHHHHH!!!!  Well eventually I saw him and he for sure was a goner this time around.  Needless to say it was a rather entertaining start to my day.

This past week has gone by so fast!  Last weekend Mark and I went away for one night to a cute little town, Richmond, to celebrate our one year anniversary!  Crazy right!  It seems like yesterday...ok well like a month or a few ago that we got married, not a whole year!  All the planning was done a year ago and I still have nightmares about it.  (Tehe not really but well maybe a few here and there ;)  We both feel so blessed that so many people were there for us on our big day and that really marriage has gone really smoothly so far.  And for that we are both REALLY thankful!  The whole being on the same continent thing is still such a wonderful thing that maybe this year it will finally sink in that neither one of us has to eventually leave.

I put a lot of resumes out last week as well to try and find a shop job...something simple to keep me busy and bring some money in for us.  I mean I went to like 15-20 different places...I was on a mission.  Well that mission has paid off.  I have two interviews for next week which I am super excited about, so you can pray that those go well for me.  Now we are not talking about anything career orientated here...these are jobs at a grocery store and a catalog store...but money is money and I am not to proud to work for it just about here is to working along side kids I could have taught if I was back in the states and I am sure will have some entertaining stories to tell because of it.

Mark and I have been watching the Olympics....well me more like screaming go USA at the tv and Mark shaking his head.  He doesn't get the sports crazy me quite yet....especially when we watch sports I use to coach.  He keeps reminding me that we are not in the USA anymore and that they can't hear me but obviously I just can't help it.  It is fun to watch it all live here and well I can honestly say I get a lil lump in my throat every time I sing the national anthem as we win gold.  So proud.  Go USA!

Not so proud to have Romney over here last week making us all look stupid.  There is not one Brit that I saw who heard my accent in the past week who didn't make some comment to me about his insulting remarks toward the Brits and how they were "doing" the Olympics.  I really don't care about politics...I don't.  I like history but politicians I hate.  I don't care what "side" you are on...but please when you are overseas don't make the rest of us normal....level headed...not arrogant Americans look bad....some of us have to live where you travel to even after you go home.  So embarrassing.  Just think before you it really that hard.  Lets just say Romney lost all of my respect...what was there in the first place...and lets just say the Brits really don't like him.

So that is all my friends...another week down.  Hopefully next week this time I will have some good news about being hired for sure somewhere.  Until then have a wonderful weekend and enjoy summer. I will just add that I am writing this in pants and a really....really...enjoy summer for me!  I miss it!  Adios.  Go USA!!!

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