Sunday, December 16, 2012

Disney Baby!

So it has been a while since I wrote on here last.  Sorry about that to those of you who keep coming here to see what is new.  The lack of blogging should tell you two things....1. not much is new...
2. things are crazy busy.  Let me see if I can recap the last month for you.

Thanksgiving was really strange this year for me.  Obviously they don't celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK so it is just like any other Thursday.  Strange if you are use to eating more than you should and just hanging out for an extra long weekend.  I was in the UK last year at this time of year, but it didn't seem to effect me as much as it did this year.  It was so strange to be going to work on Thanksgiving and not being in a food coma after eating and eating and eating.  It was nice to be able to explain what Thanksgiving was to some of my co-workers but still...just strange to know what was going on back home and not having any one else around you be able to commiserate with about it.

Per my own little tradition Mark and I put up our Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving.  I use to do it on my day off, Black Friday, but since that was a normal working day again...the weekend was going to have to do this year.  We debated wether or not to go through the hassle of putting it up or not since we were going to be gone for Christmas but decided it just wasn't right not having a tree.  So the tree is up and well I think looks pretty stinking good! lol

So the title says it all.  My parents have planned a family vacation for us all....yep Jeff is here Disney World.  Now you might be thinking aren't you all a bit old for Disney?  And well the answer should be yes but in this case it is a big NO!  We are a Disney freak family, although Jeff won't admit it he is, and so we are here for 10 days.  It is so much fun to be here seeing my parents act like little kids and being able to reminisce with my brother about what it was like 19 years ago when we were here as kids.  Some things have changed and others have stayed just the same.  I think Mark thinks we are all a bit wacky but by now he knows that so he just sits back and enjoys the show.  It is nice to be in the warm weather and sunshine as both are extremely lacking in the UK.   In fact I am about to put this computer to the side and go to the pool.

Today the family wanted to go see the Hobbit and well I just don't get why you would want to be in a dark theater on a day like today so the privilege of being an adult and being here is you can say NO!  So they all went off to the movie and I am going to go lay by the pool.  A win win for all of us I think.  I have to meet up with them all at Epcot later on but it makes all five of us all get to do what we want.  And for that I am one happy camper.

I still need to do my Christmas that might get worked on a bit later too....we shall see how good the sunshine feels.  So if your Christmas letter winds up being more like a January hello letter you know why.  Hope you are all enjoying this season and counting your blessings.  Love from Disney World... Peace....Im going to the pool! EEEEE!!!!!!

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