Tuesday, November 13, 2012


So this post will be mostly about dinner...well dinners.  You see I have decided to get brave and start cooking a "traditional" Sunday dinner.  I really didn't know people still did that until I got over here cause Sunday back home was always eating out after church.  Considering I hadn't cooked anything for myself other than mac and cheese or the occasional frozen pizza the thought of a huge meal seemed really overwhelming to me.  I have been here over a year now though and know how much Mark enjoys his huge Sunday dinner when we go up to his parents, so I thought I would give it a try.  What do I have to lose?

So the past 2 Sundays we have had HUGE meals.  Like Thanksgiving style huge meals.  The first one was a turkey, with roasted potatoes, mash potatoes with spring onions in them, yorkshire puddings, veggies, stuffing, cranberry sauce...and one over filled hubby! lol  The second one was a roast (beef) with most of the same minus the stuffing and cranberry sauce.  They were delicious if I do say so myself and I had a more than happy hubby on my hands.  I think cooking is all about having confidence.  I would have never tried doing that a year ago...ok lets be honest 3 months ago. But confidence in your own kitchen...knowing how long things take and just working with food makes big things seem so much smaller.  I knew how to do most everything I cooked on its own it was just putting it together.  I guess I am just thankful that cooking has come more naturally than I thought.  While I am no Betty Crocker or Chef Boiardi? (the spaghetti O's guy) I can feed the two of us...more than feed us lol which is a wonderful surprise!

Speaking of dinners...  Mark and I went out to dinner 2 weekends ago now.  We went to a restaurant where you sit right next to another couple...kind of like in the Oakbrook Cheesecake Factory.  Where you have to slide in and out and hope you don't knock over the drink on the table next to you as you and your coat, purse, or big body in my case squeeze through the tiny gap in the tables.  Well we were about half way through our dinner when the most random thing happened.  These 2 Asian women start coming our way...dressed in well...not much.  They are not speaking a word of English and are followed but two older gentlemen.  The girls seems to be in there 30's/40's while the guys in there upper 60's.  Now the guys where British...spoke only English and all four had wedding bands on.  I was SO confused.  The girls were talking to each other...and then the one would try her English out...chicken.....wig...wi...wing....Mind I could probably have touched this girl if I stretched my arm out all the way.  I get the giggles because it is so random...I can't look at Mark cause that just makes me laugh harder and everyone in the restaurant is now staring at these people.  The men are pointing at pictures and saying words loudly while the girls are giggling and trying out random English words.  Lets just say Mark and I didn't stay much longer cause I couldn't keep it together.  Once we got outside Mark said they were purchased brides. Shipped over to Britain from their homeland to marry these older guys... So crazy to me...so crazy.  But we had the giggles the rest of the night with the whole chicken wig...I mean wing scene.

Not much else is new here.  Christmas is going to be here before we know it.  My grocery store had Christmas music on yesterday which just seemed strange.  I mean I love Christmas music but to know they don't have another holiday until then is just wrong.  I wish we could be coming home for Thanksgiving but that just wasn't in the plans.  I am super excited to be going to Disney soon with the rents...to see them and Jeff but also to see the SUN and feel what warm weather actually feels like.  So much to do before then it is ridiculous but I guess that is part of what makes Christmas time so fun.  Well I am off to go to work...hope this finds you well.  Till the next time!

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