Wednesday, October 3, 2012

In a year...

So a year ago I wondered where I would be...well I knew I would be here...but how I would be doing?  Would I survive the new culture?  Would I make friends?  Would Mark and I still be so happy to just be with each other after dating so long from so far away?  Would I be able to cook?  Would I fit all my "stuff" into an English house?  Would I find my way around town?  And many....many more questions.
Well the answer is YES!  I am still super happy to be with my hubby all of the time.  Going from seeing each other only a few days out of the year to everyday is a most wonderful change!  We truly enjoy each others company and I am so thankful for that.  I can cook, and drive, and find my way just about anywhere.  I am working and making friends.  I have gotten our house set up and by gosh with a little effort all of our (I mean mostly my extra clothes) fit...somewhere.  While I do miss home, the food, the people, being some place I know...I feel like I have really done well in settling here in just one year.  I am so thankful for this experience and how supportive all of you have been for me.  So a year in...all is well.

In fact the last 2 weeks have really been encouraging to me.  We have a way we do things and it is so great to have someone to share my weekends with...even if it is just staying in our pjs all day.  This past weekend we pulled out the bushes in our front yard.  They were mostly dead and looking horrible so we finally got permission to take them out.  It was a project...but it was so fun to be able to do it together and get it done.  Funny moments were had...Mark and I jumping in garbage bins to make it fit in to be hauled away...both of us being afraid of the ridiculously big spiders that we found...showing Mark how strong I really am...tehe...even though he is still stronger.  Ya know it was just good. We also moved our bedroom around which gives the room a new (nice and free) look.

Honestly I just can say enough how thankful I am for Mark and how easy he has made this transition for me.  I mean I knew this would be a big change and I prepared myself for it...but it is so awesome to see how a year has gone by and that really I don't have one regret about it.  Mark has been amazing at reading my moods and listening to me go on and on about how food in the states is better and how I would do it this way if I were home.  He is a rock star in my book....(but don't tell him that cause we don't want him wanting another bike out of this ok!)  He will always say well this is our home now and when we go back to the states you will feel my pain when I want fish and chips. I don't mean to be cheesy I just have to say he is the best.

With that I need to get myself ready for work.  I hope all of you are enjoying the start of fall.  The leaves are just beginning to change here at it is so pretty!  Hope you all are well.

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